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January 16

Wow, I’ve got two whole weeks of writing in already. I am pretty darn amazed. Routines are just not my strong point. I can set up and organize just about any system, but to maintain it on a daily basis? Not on your life, or mine for that matter. As I quipped to some new friends of ours last night: I have a problem with authority – even my own.

Woke up at five to a headache again. The pain was radiating from the point in the back of my neck where the spine meets the skull. Weird. Took some Excedrin and ate a granola bar so I don’t throw up and terrorize my little one. I really need to get to the bottom of this. I am so tired of the pain. It makes me crabby all the time.

I’m not sure if I should call my therapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist (which I have never done) or simply get a massage.

My end of year stuff for work has stretched out now to three days. Just a couple hours each day, but still. I want to be done with the damn thing. I got my W-2s out and filed. My 940 and 941 forms are done. I still have to do 1099s today and the state use and withholding tax form. Hopefully, I will be done today.

My fiction writing has come to a complete standstill. Other than these pages, that is. But this isn’t fiction, just real life, raw and ugly as it can be. No editing here. Sorry folks, the only one here is me, and, as I stated earlier, I can be quite crabby.

I need a name for this project. I told a friend that I was calling it crappays- as in crappy essays. She laughed, but I’m just not feeling it. Some folks call it morning pages: a stream of consciousness that it never meant for other eyes. I’m just mainly doing it for the practice of writing. And because I am fearful of putting my stuff out there, for anyone to see, I need to post this crap. Sorry folks. If you want interesting and compelling writing, you are on the wrong ass blog.

I still want to talk about money. I feel the need to delve deeper into that subject. Kind of hard to do in 500 words. Our new friends that we met last night said they were reading a new book on money by Tony Robbins. As in Anthony Robbins that I used to read like 20 years ago? Same guy. Amazing.

I wonder how old he is now. He was pretty young when he first turned his life around. So I will have to go check that out on Amazon or perhaps it is at our library and I might be able to get it in ebook form. Mmm, libraries. I love libraries. I always feel a bit guilty, there in the stacks, reading without buying. I look around furtively, as if I am doing something wrong by simply reading. Too much time spent in book stores, I guess.

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