Work in progress

  I am pleased with how she is coming along. Not quite sure what color her dress will be. I first thought a turquoise blue but I think that would blend in too much with the background. 

This image is much greener than the original. Maybe a color that will pop against the background. What do you think? 

I have not painted in a while. It feels so good. Soothes my agitated soul. 


  1. Hi Lisa Love your blog. We are having to give up our RV life style we will miss it.

    I have loads of sand dollars I collected at Ocean Shores. Lots of happy memories.

    Love to you and your family. Love, Carol

  2. Forgot to say Good Luck on showing your Art. It looks great to me. I know how you feel about showing it, but first time is always hard. I was into oil painting 30 years a go and felt the same way. You will do well. Love Carol

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