Why Our RV Is Like A TARDIS

What is a TARDIS?

The word TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. In other words, it is a Time Lord’s main vehicle for travel. Seen in the many episodes of Dr. Who, it is greatly sought after by my daughter and many other Whovians around the world.

While visiting my son, we discovered he had put together a TARDIS for Halloween last year. So, of course we had to rebuild it in the backyard.

That got me to thinking about what the TARDIS represents and how that would apply to our lives.

So, here are a few admittedly lame reasons why our RV is like a TARDIS:

  1. The TARDIS can travel in space and in time. The RV also does that by traveling through time zones throughout the states. We start at one end of the country in one time zone and end up in another time zone in another part of the country.
  2. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. If you walk around our camper, then go in and put out the slide, it is indeed bigger on the inside. I’ll admit to some groaning by Madeline on this one.
  3. The TARDIS has traveling companions. The man known as “The Doctor” is always picking up traveling companions. They stay with him for a period of time, having adventures and going places together. We do the same, traveling with different families that we meet on the way.
  4. The TARDIS breaks down every once in a while. Yeah, this is probably the most valid comparison. Unfortunately.

tardis stickerWhile the above reasons may be stretching things a bit, I do have to say that our RV does allow us to live a really amazing adventure for a life.

Having the camper, along with no debt, gives us freedom.

We have the freedom to choose experiences over things, to work less and live more, to go wherever we wish.

This small home on wheels gives us such a huge life, it is indeed, bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside.


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  2. Hey! I recognize that TARDIS! I love the comparison:)

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