…Well darn.

I am back. No, I didn’t think you’d be too happy to see me again. Yes, I am back, for better or for worse.


I had a lovely summer, spent in the not-so-cool reaches of western Michigan, gallivanting about with less then a care. I didn’t do all that much besides take a great leap in my leather working, drawing a ton, attending renaissance festivals and frolicking in the waters. Watched seasons 1-6 of Doctor Who (the new series) and then proceeded to by myself a sonic screwdriver and a pair of Converse. No regrets.

Alas, the good days could not last. We packed all of our belongings into our hallway on wheels and took off West. We’ve been on the road for about a week now, driving almost every day, seeing giant viking statues and palaces made from corn. It’s not so bad once you get past the complete lack of stable internet and a bathroom the size of a microwave.  My bed is comfortable, and we completely re-did our trailer.

We threw out the couch and table, and replaced it with much nicer Ikea furniture. Instead if a table, we have little coffee tables that we eat and play and draw at. We painted over the nasty wallpaper with lovely shades of paint, and it is all quite nice. We fit nicely.

Today we went to see….Goodness, was it today or yesterday? The days are blending together. Let’s see…Today we went to see this place called the Corn Palace. A large building decorated with corn cobs nailed to the wood in nice patterns. We also went to see this archeological dig that was taking place in the remains of an ancient Indian village. Pretty cool.


Besides that, not much else. We are in South Dekoda and……that’s about it. I will be typing to you guys later. Ciao.


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  1. Nice to hear from you again on Camping Five. I hear more about your hobbies etc when you are on the road. I did get some pictures from your mom today. I really miss you guys. It looks like you are comfortable in your hallway on wheels and a microwave size bathroom. Keep up the posts as I look forward to them.

    I think you will like the badlands and Mount Rushmore.

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