Well, there is a perfectly good reason for my not writing for so long. Last Monday, mom came down from her room and told us that the Renaissance Faire in Tampa, Florida was having a world market that weekend, and anyone who wanted to be a vender at the faire could for free. So she threw out the crazy idea that we should sign up and become a vender.

We did.

We had nothing to sell, no supplies to make things to sell, no tent, no table, nothing. And we had three days to get it.

The next day, mom and I drove two hours down to Tampa to Tandy Leathers, bought three huge hides taller then I, dye, rivets, eyelets and paint, and then started working. And working. And working. For three days straight, Jacob and I did nothing but cut, carve and dye leather arm bracers. In the end, we made 40 pairs of bracers and about 15 bracelets. The next day, we got in the truck and hauled the trailer two hours down to Tampa, then the next day we were off to the faire. We set up our tent and tables we got a few days before, set out our wares, and waited. And waited. And waited. We only sold three things, two bracelets and a bottle, but our Skyrim bracers did indeed attract a lot of attention from the teens that were attending. Also, we got some advice from other (amazing) leather workers that should help me out quite a bit.


The next day, we didn’t sell anything, but traded with another vender from the faire. We gave him a pair of leather bracers and the last bottle for a beautiful hand made pottery mug and plate (the maker is Noah Kirk. Go ahead, look him up). It was pretty cool.

The faire itself was awesome. Much better then the Pennsylvania one. There were about 5 leatherworkers in total, (not including me) there were about 4 sword venders, tons of clothing, soaps, incense, fortune tellers, minstrels, taverns, everything all in one large forested area. There were tons of shows, and even the SCA was there!

The last day, we saw a joust which was pretty cool (even if it was scripted), and I ended up getting a short sword and a katana, while Jacob got a short sword and a perfectly functional machete. Yep. You feel very powerful walking along with a sword at your belt and over your back. My costume is now complete.

It was quite the experience, and I’m pretty sure I would indeed be a vender at a a faire again, as long as I have more then three days to prepare.

Yep. Well, today I made a frog (holder) for my short sword out of leather, and it works really well…And I’m listening to Nirvana…Yep…

Well, g’day.


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