Until Next We Meet

We have left Hawk’s Mountain, and powered our way up to Michigan. It took us two days, but we got here, to Grandma H’s house. We’re here for our Uncle’s wedding, so we will be here for a week. Then we go home. Sandy Pines. For the whole summer. Our trip will be over. I’m happy to be back home in Michigan, but I’m also kinda sad that it’s over. We met a lot of cool people, saw some awesome places…

Okay, fine. Technically, it’s not over. It’s just beginning. This summer, the Village is going to crash our Sandy Pines, and spirit us off to western lands where we will become one big gigantic family again and go to events, feed each others kids, and sit around campfires every night. It will be totally awesome.


Well, I figure that this is the last blog post of this trip. No doubt Mom or other authoritative figure will force my now farm calloused fingers to once again regale the colorful and exhausting tales of my gypsy-like existence, but until then, I shall take my leave.


Goodbye fellow readers,


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