Two Posts in One! What a deal!


So yeah, I’m writing this entry from inside the truck. Yep. Just got it here on my lap, typing away. Mom wants us to post today, so I’d better post.

Yeah… we’re in the base… that always makes me pretty nervous. I’m always afraid that some guy will jump out of the bushes and ask me for identification or something. Bleh. Nothing has been happening recently… I don’t know why Mom is making me write. I really mean it. Nothing is happening.

I want to do more schoolwork and drawing and all that good stuff, but I’ve been busy over the last week or two learning to juggle, drum circle stuff, relearning how to fight, stuff like that. Now that we are gone from the village, we have a bit more free time, which I shall put to good use.

I’m sorry that the post is so short. I really am, but there really isn’t anything to post that I haven’t already covered.

Well actually, we’re headed to a farm after Texas that we will stay at for a bit. Nobody will tell me anything more than what is strictly necessary. It’s weird. Oh well.


There I was, sitting in my seat in the truck, happily watching the world end on Golden Sun DD when suddenly there was this huge commotion. I looked out the window and saw plumes of bluish white smoke billowing from behind us. Not a good sign at the best of times. Well, it turns out that the spring on one of the axles snapped or whatever, causing two of the tires to kill each other. Eh.

We pulled off to the side of the road and Mom hustled us over to the midway between the two highways. While the two of them tried to figure out what to do, calling the repair place, 911, etc, I decided to sit down for a bit. Unfortunately, Southwestern Alabama is home to all sorts of devilish plants that look like they just crawled from the deepest chasms of the abyss. Yes, they were very pointy.

Eventually (2.5 hours later) a bunch of guys showed up and fixed the trailer so that it could make the 1/2 mile voyage to the repair place. Yes, we were only half a mile from the camper repair. Lucky, eh? So they drove us over there and told us to be off. So we grabbed our stuff (including the dogs) and made our jolly way to the nearest dog friendly hotel, the Drury Inn. So yeah, I was totally expecting a little line of motel rooms numbered 1-12. What I found was a 6 story palace with free breakfast and dinner. The shower is actually very nice. I’m still literally dripping wet from it because Mom needed to use the bathroom and stuff.

Now we are staring down what appears to be a cataclysmic storm blocking our path Westward. When we look out the window, we are faced with the end of days, a calamity of such sheer size and strength that the pathetic attempts of mankind to… okay fine. It’s dissipating and heading North. It’s not even raining here. We will soon desert the hotel and strike out into the storm to find another place to stay.

I want to draw, and there is nothing to say. G’day.

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