Tlaquepaque Shopping, Sedona

Tlaquepaque is a wonderful little shopping area in the heart of Sedona, Arizona.

We make sure we visit every time we come to Sedona. Tlaquepaque translates as “The Best of Everything” and it is modeled after a tradtional Mexican village.

It was originally built to be an artist’s community, and you can still find artists working their craft in their shops.

tree in shopWe love the architecture of the place – you’ll find that the buildings were built around the mature trees that had been already established in the area.

The trees actually grow through the shops at times. You will find a spiral staircase winding around large tree trunks and vines climbing the walls.

The craftsmanship of the art in the shops is spectacular. It is a wonderful place to find gifts, stroll around and enjoy a coffee in the courtyard.

frog statueMy advise to to come early, say around ten in the morning. Shop for a while and then have lunch at one of the several restaurants located onsite.

The parking can get a little crazy, especially on holiday weekends. We showed up on a Saturday afternoon during Thanksgiving weekend and that was a mistake.

Although we did find a spot, it was difficult parking our large beast of a truck.

If you come to Sedona, you definitely need to make time in your schedule to visit this fun little place.

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