The Village

Hey! I’m back! No, I wasn’t dead. I was just spending time with my new family. Before you ask your questions, let me tell you. So, two weeks ago we met up with the FOTR (Families On The Road) rally! Yes, the ones that we saw about two months ago. It is amazing. We are all parked in one little area in the Hanna nature park in Jacksonville, and we are like a little village! We have all finally gotten to know one another really well, and we’re all just one big family. It is amazing. We have fires with drum circles every night, we gather and eat dinner together all the time, and it’s amazing. Right now, all the kids are cooking dinner for us tonight.


Um…The other day, someone online asked me to make them a custom archery brace…So I made it for them…….Yeah….


In any case, we leave the day after tomorrow. I’ll be so sad when we leave! *Sobs*



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