The Village: Part II

We left. Yes, we left the Village. It was a very sad affair, exchanging hugs and high fives with shiny eyed people. And yet, we pulled free of their grasps and drove until we came to a Walmart in a scary town. We boondocked there. It was 85 degrees. We had no air conditioning. Misery.


In any case, the next day we pulled out and drove for an insane amount of time to reach Montgomery Alabama! Sound familiar? Well we were here just a few weeks ago. Yep. We’re back in the same Air Force Base, in the same Camp Ground, visiting the same people. Which is great! Little cousins have grown so much! They’re so adorable.

Its really hot here…really hot…too hot for me. Maybe I’ll live in Maine when I grow up…Hmmm

Have a good one,


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