The Dogs Ate Her Gum

In my dream I was linking my blog posts to my mind and it was starting to hurt. I woke with a start, head aching and stomach roiling. It was 3 am.

Rolling creakily out of bed, I swallowed a pain pill and sat on the couch, waiting for the crushing waves in my head to subside. I focused on keeping the medicine from coming back up and eventually fell asleep, propped in a sitting position. Not the best night of my life.

I’m not sure what that was all about. Detox maybe? Not enough caffeine? I don’t know, but it led to a groggy morning. So much for getting up at 7. It was more like 9.

After sucking down a steamy cup of Joe, Phil and I took the doggies for their walk. Got in about 25 minutes today, which is good. Two days walking in a row – whoohoo! Hey, you gotta celebrate when you can, right?


Seeded Grapes

Seeded Grapes

Today’s morning breakfast smoothie started with a large bunch of seeded, globe grapes. These are awesome in green smoothies. My Vita-Mix crushes the seeds easily and I can’t even tell they are in the drink.

But you still get all the wonderful nutrition that are in those little grape seeds. I’m not sure if a regular blender would work with them or not. I doubt it, but you could try.

We also had more juice, more power greens, water and mixed frozen fruit. I made it so thick that I needed the extra wide straws. I could have eaten it with a spoon.

While I was making my breakfast, J came along and asked if he could have one. Then M chipped in and E as well. So I made another batch for them, sans grapes. J doesn’t really care for grapes in his – he is more of a banana guy.


Red & Green Smoothies

Red & Green Smoothies

Lunch was the second jar of smoothie. Because I got up so late, I wasn’t that hungry.

About an hour or so later, I made up a large romaine salad with red, yellow and orange peppers and cucumber and celery. (Yep, leftover toppings that I had chopped up yesterday.)

For a dressing I tried something new. I hand squeezed a nice, fresh orange into a small Tupperware container and added honey, balsamic glaze and salt and pepper.

After shaking vigorously, I poured it over the salad. It was not bad at all. I might add a bit more honey next time and perhaps some crushed red pepper flakes. I really liked that it had no oil in it at all.

While working after lunch, my head started aching again, extending down my neck. I took another pain pill, but then got so drowsy, I had to stop working and take a short nap, which was perfectly lovely. Nothing like snuggling in under a colorful, warm comforter in the middle of a nippy, fall afternoon.

While I was lying there, stretching and considering the merits of staying in bed compared to getting up, I heard M exclaim, “The dogs ate her gum!” Seriously, I never know what I will hear around this place. That, definitely, was a new one.

Gum Eating Puppies

Gum Eating Puppies

E had left her pack of orange gum on the floor, which the dogs then considered food, naturally. Can’t say I blame them. Part of their job in this household is floor cleanup. The other part is barking at people we know, including us, hogging the blankets on the couch and sneaking up on laps. They do it all very well.


Dinner was the second smoothie batch of the day, which highlighted frozen sweet cherries. Mmm. It also included the juice, water, power greens and frozen mixed fruit. I had just enough for two quart jars and half a glass for M. I just wasn’t hungry enough to make a salad.

Chicken Bean Soup

Chicken Bean Soup

I did make a really good bean soup for the family though, using chicken, sausage, broth, onion, garlic, carrots, northern beans, red beans, frozen green beans, frozen peas and half a small can of spicy chopped tomatoes.

Oh, and since I didn’t have the correct spices for the recipe, I improvised with what I had and included, basil, tarragon, thyme, oregano and sage, along with some salt and pepper. It made a huge pot of soup and I’m really glad I didn’t put the entire can tomatoes in – would have been way too spicy.

So, it is almost 8:00 and I am sipping a warm cup of sweet pumpkin tea. I still have a full jar of smoothie yet to drink tonight. Not sure that I will make it. I just am not hungry.

Plan For Tomorrow

J, M and I are signed up for an encaustic painting workshop, which entails learning to paint with beeswax. Should be fun. We have to leave at 11, it starts at noon and goes for three hours. So, I will need to plan for food, so I don’t get stuck hungry with nothing acceptable to eat.

Will try again to get up early and walk and maybe get some work done before we leave.

So today went fairly well. I was tempted a bit when Phil was frying bacon this morning, but it got a tad too crispy for me, thank goodness. The soup was another temptation, because, gosh, it was good. But I had started drinking my smoothie while making the soup, so I wasn’t too hungry, which helped resist it.

I did go for another 15 minute walk with Phil and M and the pups this evening. They seem to have no ill effects from their chewing gum encounter. I should probably check that they pass it, but to be honest, I really don’t want to look that close.

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