Am I an Artist?

art supplies

Why is it so hard to label myself as an artist? I want to be an artist. I certainly have the paraphernalia of one. I paint. I have sold my artwork.  But saying I am an artist is exceedingly difficult to say out loud. It seems odd, but I don’t think it is that unusual.  I think in part it is that I am still a beginner in this endeavor, but it is also more…

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Roy Stansell, Artist

“What keeps me going is the hope and dream of being able to produce – to focus on art, ride my bike to see these locations and to provide great art for all my friends and family, and to make enough so I can eat.” We met Roy by accident as we were wandering through the Aberdeen, Washington Art Walk & Rod Fest on July 25, 2015. He was giving away half of his art…

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