Am I an Artist?

art supplies

Why is it so hard to label myself as an artist? I want to be an artist. I certainly have the paraphernalia of one. I paint. I have sold my artwork.  But saying I am an artist is exceedingly difficult to say out loud. It seems odd, but I don’t think it is that unusual.  I think in part it is that I am still a beginner in this endeavor, but it is also more…

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Forgetting to Create

I haven’t done squat creatively for weeks. And the last couple of weeks I have felt really off. Of course, we had a few things going on: Move from Cheyenne, Wyoming to St. Vrain State Park, Colorado. Phil flew to Michigan to take care of some things and bring back the van. The day after he drove 1,200 miles back to Colorado, we hit the road to drive 892 miles down to Cottonwood, Arizona, boondocking…

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Sharing My Art Is Scary

yart show

I woke up in the middle of the night last week feeling sick. I was dreaming about the YART sale coming up the following week and my stomach literally hurt at the thought of sharing my art with people I don’t know. I am an adult. I don’t like not being good at whatever I do. This art thing has pushed just about every button I have. Because I am once again a beginner. There…

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Art Project 14

Project 14 - 9

This started with a 6 x 8 canvas board that I had put a background on yesterday. I wanted to follow a tutorial I found in an old painting magazine on painting flowers. I find myself returning to floral shapes repeatedly, so I would like to increase my skill in painting them. So I forgot to talk because I was busy listening to music on my headphones. Oops. At this point, I just wasn’t feeling…

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Art Project 12

Got home around 6 in the evening from a fun day with Jema & Helene. Decided to paint even though it was a bit late. I just felt like it. So I hauled all the supplies out and selected a 9 x 12 water color paper to play on. First layer. I ended up with this. Next step – to the scanner.

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Art Work Sunday Afternoon

  This may end up gessoed over. We’ll see. I’ll keep playing with it a while first. I thought I would try working on watercolor paper. Didn’t like it, so kept on going. This was the second one. Didn’t like it either. Nope, not done yet. I’m not sure I like using paper rather than canvas or board. The substructure just is not very strong for multiple layers. This was a practice canvas – I…

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My First Digital Word Art Project

Today I was working on my site; I needed a photo to put on the presentation page so I was looking through my Iphoto library. Found the Foggy Waters photograph and decided to use it. One art form I have always been drawn to is the inspirational word art. Yes, it can be silly but I love words and I love art, so it seems a perfect blend to me. I am learning Photoshop –…

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Site Overhaul

I am going to rip this site apart. Like a collage in the art journal class I am taking, I am going to add and subtract to this site to create a piece of work. Hopefully it will be fun and an interesting place to linger. I encounter many questions about how I have lived for 9 years (on and off) in a 5th wheel RV with my husband, three kids and two dogs while…

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