New Projects

Painting this evening. This is a background for something. Not sure what yet.     I think this one may be done.  I’ll let it sit a few days to see if it is truly done.   

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Art Project 14

Project 14 - 9

This started with a 6 x 8 canvas board that I had put a background on yesterday. I wanted to follow a tutorial I found in an old painting magazine on painting flowers. I find myself returning to floral shapes repeatedly, so I would like to increase my skill in painting them. So I forgot to talk because I was busy listening to music on my headphones. Oops. At this point, I just wasn’t feeling…

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Art Friday Project 11

I began the morning by thinning out my art supplies. One of my baskets of stuff – that is the best word for it – or maybe supplies would be better – had gotten so heavy I found myself reluctant to pull it off the shelf. This was yet another small preventative to me doing my art. I need to have my supplies easy to retrieve, otherwise it is just too hard to think about…

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