Stress & Santa Baby

January 13

I must confess: I am writing these words at 1:30 in the morning – an hour and a half past the day. I got up to use the bathroom, thinking of my dream where kids at a boarding school were able to turn into cars and they found out that their teachers were evil and planning to take over the world. Um, yes. I have odd dreams at times.

Then Santa Baby slipped into my head, for reasons I will divulge in a bit. How that led to me remembering I had not written my pages, well, that is a mystery for a all of us.

Now I am sitting in the dark, having booted the dogs from my spot and the little electric heater is pointed at my tootsies.

Well, I had a headache on and off last night, woke up at 4:30, laid in bed for half an hour before getting up at 5. This headache has been dogging me for weeks. I thought, perhaps, that is was the stress of having to do year end stuff for work.

I hate doing it and so, well, you know. Stress. At about 5:30 I pulled my work stuff out and attempted to work for about half an hour. My headache was so bad I had to give up. Took some Tramadol and went to bed. Forty five minutes later I awoke, realizing that I really needed to get something on my stomach. I got up and sat on the couch, munching on a few granola bars. I dozed on the couch until about 8, when my daughter jumped on my lap.

I went to Target in the morning, looking for a new fitted sheet for my bed. I am reading a book on Feng Shui, which is really good for helping you look at your living environment with new eyes. We’ve replaced the nasty, broken mini-blinds, gotten a bright, new doormat to replace the faded one and I realized that I hated looking at the ink spot on my sheet every night. I reasoned that it is okay to replace that stupid sheet, especially since I didn’t really care for that particular color of purple.

After making my sweet man wait for who knows how long while I debated the merits and financial consequences of various sheets, I finally plucked one from the horde and tossed it in the cart. Once home, I realized that I had gotten a flat sheet, not a fitted one. Back into the bag it went, with a heavy sigh from me.

In the afternoon, I lugged my work stuff over to my friend’s RV, to keep their dog company for a while. They had left on a radio station while they were out of town, tuned to Christmas songs. I could have turned them off, but found them soothing and pleasant as background noise while I was working. Hence Santa Baby popping into my head now, unsurprising since I must have heard it several times this afternoon.

Okay, done, back to bed. See you, my friends.

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