Slow Down

If there was one piece of advice I would give to someone just starting out their journey living on the road, it would be this: Slow down and get off vacation mode.

Vacation Mode

As a society, we are so conditioned to getting a week or two of freedom in our lives that we seem to start out automatically on vacation mode – that is – to squish in as much experience as possible in as short of time as we can. This vacation pace is not doable over time. You will wear yourself right out.

This Is Now Your Life

It took us a couple of weeks at least to realize this the first time we hit the road. This lifestyle can be a bit odd – we are like full time tourists. We live here, but here varies by the week and often by the day. It takes a while to find the rhythm of the road – finding a good balance of seeing the sights, working if you have to, and then the endless life chores like grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning.

Life for us got much better when we slowed our travel rate way down. For one thing, your camping rates get cheaper by the week and by the month. A month is a bit long for us to stay in one place – we seem to get a bit antsy after about three weeks. Two weeks seems really nice. And then a day or so of travel. And then another week or so staying put.

Working On The Road Can Be Tough

I have found it difficult at times to work, simply because I wanted to be out doing what the rest of the family is doing. By moving less and spending more time in an area, I am able to participate with sightseeing events, and still have days to work. Before, we were so busy sightseeing and moving, my work suffered and then the guilt set in. Not a good scenario.

Give Yourself Some Margin

I am reading this great book: Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives

It fits right in with what I am talking about here – learning to give yourself some space in the different areas of your life. I strongly recommend these concepts.

So, relax and remember – there is no reason to hurry. Slow the rhythms of your days and weeks down and give yourself some margin in your life – some space and time to enjoy this amazing lifestyle.

What do you do to slow down in your life?

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