Spending Money & Life Energy

January 15

Yet another version of Santa Baby is playing on the radio again, this time sung by a male. No wonder this song keeps popping up in my mind at odd times. I really should change the channel.

I like the changes we’ve made to our bedroom. In punishment for spending so much, however, I made myself look up the balances on our credit cards the first thing this morning. Yeowsie! That will dampen a spending spree. It’s up to almost $2,500. Made me start looking to see if I could find some cheaper comforters. I didn’t really find anything that would work. Bedding is rather expensive. Nice bedding, that is.

Hubby and I discussed the cost on our morning walk. We agreed that $50 invested in good linens is a much better buy than the $50 we spent on pizza last night. The gluten free pizzas from Dominos are such a ripoff, in my opinion. For a small, 10 inch pizza, with one item, you are going to pay $13.

Now, that is not even close to enough food for Jacob, although Maddie always has some left over. Normally, Jacob eats the half she doesn’t, in addition to his own pizza, but last night Maddie wasn’t complying. She totally ignored his hints, saved her leftovers and ate them for breakfast this morning. The other two large pizzas with three toppings on them cost eight bucks each. Go figure. Gluten free is not cheap.

We are not getting pizza again for a long while, or until a weak moment, whichever comes first. We’ve been having way too many weak moments lately. Part of the problem is that I have been reevaluating my relationship with money. I abhor debt, due to some interesting lessons I learned when I was quite young. They were painful, as in I could not afford to pay the interest on my credit cards. I worked my ass off for a couple years to get out of that situation and then many more to get my good credit back.

In addition, I have read quite a few simple living and financial management books, including Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez. I highly recommend it. I’ve read it at least twice, many years apart. The idea that money is your life energy is an interesting one. That pizza cost me a good hour of my life that I had to spend working at a job I don’t particularly care for at best and hate at worst. I can’t get that hour back. Was the pizza worth it? Yes. No.

This view causes a reluctance to spend money and I am always aware of cost. I think this is a good thing overall because it has allowed us quite a bit of freedom in our lives, although we don’t make much money. Yet, I am spurred to wonder if it inhibits the enjoyment of certain things.

We have good friends that are in quite a bit of debt. Yet, they seem pretty okay with it. They buy high quality coffee and food and do expensive things with their kids that we would consider luxuries. They consider it living life. I don’t know. I am so confused.

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