Slashed Tire

October 16, 2006

Ellie was up a lot last night (another tooth popping out) so I slept in this morning. Now it is drizzling and Phil noticed the trailer has a flat tire.

I called Good Sam and help is on the way! I am so glad I joined.

Phil wanted to go buy a hydraulic jack so he could change the tire. This rig weighs almost 12,000 pounds. I’d much rather have someone else jacking it up!

Ellie is napping in the pack-n-play, the kids are playing a strategic computer game, Phil is doing who knows what outside, and it is raining, so I have no guilt at just sitting here playing online!

One problem with our campsite is that it is only a minute away from the camp store and cappuccinos! And they have Krispy Cremes there as well – isn’t that awful? So far, I’ve stayed away from the donuts, but the cappuccino is another story.

I made pancakes last night with rice flour and buttermilk. They were really good. They had a bit of a gritty texture, somewhat like cornbread. I also served meatless sausages. They all ate them, but said they preferred the real things. I looked at the package after dinner and noticed they had a lot of wheat gluten in them! You try to be healthy…

Tonight’s fare was spaghetti with rice noodles. We had Mrs. L’s rice noodles. They were yucky. No one liked them, including me. I had made spaghetti squash as well, so I had that and made everyone else eat a little as well. It is so good. Jacob hid his under some spaghetti and then threw it away, but Maddy busted him and so I gave him more, which he did eat. Stinker.

We did get the tire on the trailer changed, by the way. We got an automated call from Good Sam telling us how long it would take for help to arrive ( 90 minutes), another call when it was half an hour away and a third call when it should have arrived. It was great. The tire had an actual slash in it, a few inches long. We must have run over something quite sharp. We are thankful that it went flat here in the campground and didn’t blow out on the road.

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