Site Overhaul

I am going to rip this site apart. Like a collage in the art journal class I am taking, I am going to add and subtract to this site to create a piece of work. Hopefully it will be fun and an interesting place to linger.

I encounter many questions about how I have lived for 9 years (on and off) in a 5th wheel RV with my husband, three kids and two dogs while we traveled the US. So I will add a feature on RV Life. I will fold in the information from my other small sites:, and

Starting a new art journey

Starting a new art journey

My work life has undergone a radical change this year as I dug deep to find the courage to quit a job I have had for 25 years. Yes, the whole “no income” thing kinda sucks and is scary as hell, but I choose to live in faith, not fear. My heart and soul has been demanding for years that I get out of medical administration and jump into the river of creativity. I finally found the guts to do it. I pierced my nose and dreaded my hair, both things I’ve wanted to do for decades, but was too afraid to do for one silly reason or another.

My point is that my days are now full of writing short stories, learning Photoshop, art journaling and trying to scrub paint off my fingers and from under my nails. Along with family life and traveling to new places, of course. I have never been happier and more at peace, even with the financial situation. I take that to mean I am on the right road, no pun intended. (sorry. lol)

So, I will have another section on art – mine that I create and hope to sell at some time when my skill level drastically increases, and other artists that we encounter on our journeys.

The final addition may be the struggle I have with food and my weight. It is such a common problem for so many folks. I obviously have not solved my issues, but I am now tackling them head on, the best I know how. Such an intimate subject is a little scary to discuss publicly, but what the hell. If I can provide hope and help for even one other person, it is worth the risk.

So that’s the plan folks. As far as what I am going to subtract – not quite sure yet. I will see how it goes. That is the thing with art journaling and mixed media – you don’t need a plan beforehand – it will unfold as it goes. Plus – and this is the big thing for me – you can’t do it wrong! Oooh, I like that.

Please have patience as I work to create a place worth coming to. And please come back to check out the new additions.

I hope your day today is wonderfully wacky and fun.


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