Shuddering Truck


Phil and I decided it was time to meet some new families because we really need to find more playmates for Ella. We had thought we would meet a lot more families during the summer, but found that the weekend campers were not a good source of friends to play with. The kids seem to come with cousins or other family members and so are not that interested in meeting new friends.

An awesome way to meet people on the road is to go to a rally. As it turns out, Fulltime Families is having a Roadschool Rally in Missouri in about two weeks. That is over 2100 miles from where we are now. But we are going ahead and doing it. This year we have traveled maybe 1500 miles up the coast of California, through Oregon and Washington. Now we plan to go way more than that in about 7-8 days.

We made our reservations, told the kids that we would be leaving in two days, instead of the two weeks as we had originally planned. As we took the kids out to the video gaming/ice cream parlor, the check engine soon light flashed in the truck dashboard and the truck began to shake violently. A few minutes later it stopped. We dropped off the kids, got fuel and headed home, not quite knowing what to do. It happened again and then quit.

Phil let me and Ella off at home, then drove in to Aberdeen to get a new fuel filter. He got home, installed it, then took the truck for a test drive. It drove better, but still did the same thing once. So tomorrow, he will get up early, drive it back to Aberdeen to a Ford Dealer and see if they can hook it up to their sensors to get a read on what is happening. No way are we driving 2200 miles through the mountains with the truck on the blitz. I just hope it is an easy, quick and inexpensive fix.

We had an appointment to get the dogs groomed at 10:30, so I am not sure how that is going to work out. They really need it, being barely recognizable as poodles.

So I am trying not to stress out. Just trust that it will all be okay, because it will. Once way or the other. As I explained to Ella, I am grateful that it happened here and not on the side of the mountain while we are pulling the rig. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Oh my. I send you lots of support and love.

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