Shuddering Truck – The Saga Continues

The truck was done. Our wonderful friend drove us the hour into Aberdeen to pick it up. The problem was some type of metal tube that hooked to the turbo boost sensor. Or something. Only $400. Yeah!

We did our grocery shopping for the trip – had to load up for snacks for such a long journey. The truck ran fine until about a quarter mile from home. Then the check engine soon light flashed back on. It didn’t stay long. The truck seemed fine. We were very, as in VERY tempted to just ignore it. We were already a day behind schedule.

We mulled it over – for about 30 seconds – and Phil called the mechanic, who of course, could not diagnose the problem without the truck. By this time it was around 2 in the afternoon. So Phil dropped me and the groceries off at home and then turned around to drive the hour back.

The Wrong Red Vehicle

The Wrong Red Vehicle

The truck ran ok, but the cel (check engine light) came on for about half the trip. Of course, it was gone by the time he got there and they could not get it to come back on. He and the mechanic took it for a half hour check ride with no results.

Apparently, it was a soft code, meaning that computer does not record it – to read it, the light has to be on. So Phil dropped off the mechanic and drove around another twenty minutes. Finally, the light went on and he headed back toward the shop. Then the truck started running rough, shaking so bad that when Phil had to turn left across traffic to get to the shop, he was afraid the truck was going to stall out.

He got it there, just in time for the mechanic to see it and then the truck stalled. By then it was about five and the shop was closing. They were able to do some testing, which indicated some injectors might be failing, but they really were not sure what was going on.

The mechanic dropped Phil off at a car rental place to get a car. Another $70 out the window. Ugh.

They said they would work on it in the morning – starting around 7 and would let us know.

It is now noon the next day without a word. Phil has called the shop a couple times only to be told the mechanic would call him back. I am not especially pleased with the shop at this point. The lack of communication is frustrating. Plus, they obviously fixed the wrong darn thing. Well, it needed to be fixed, but it was not the reason the truck was sick.

My fear factor is beginning to get the better of me. My stomach is all yucky and I can’t focus on anything. Just waiting. But we are all okay. Right now, we are safe and sound and that is what truly matters.

I love this lifestyle, but breakdowns are a part of it. It is not a factor of if, but when and how often. If you have well loved equipment, as we do, part of the price is a little higher breakdown rate. It is silly to get upset over it.

I really would not be bothered if I hadn’t signed us up for another conference in Little Rock, AK that starts in seven days. Every day we are behind schedule puts more hours to drive in the days to get there. If that makes any sense. But what happens if we don’t get there in time? We aren’t going to die. I might lose the money invested in the conference fee, and I will be really truly bummed at the missed opportunity, but so what. I need to get a grip.

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