Saying Goodbye

One of the wonderful things about traveling is meeting so many wonderful folks.

The other side of the coin is that at some point, you have to say goodbye.

We’ve just spent over two months traveling with one family and then another family joined us both for two more months, which was awesome.

We got to hang with them for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The kids had a ball and the adults enjoyed good coffee, companionship and card games in the evenings.

It’s Not Forever

We have found that although it is sad to part with our friends, we know that the chances are good that we will see them again.

Just last week we stopped by to see a family in the panhandle of Florida, whom we met two years ago and had not seen since. Time does not seem to matter much when you live on the road. It was as if we had just seen them a few months ago.

Today, we met up with a couple here in Gulf Shores, AL that we have seen every time we have camped here, which is about four times. They knew our littlest when she was two. Now she is eight years old and they coo over how much she has grown.

See Ya!

As we travel onward, I’m tentatively planning on when we will see our two families again, which will probably be in about eight or nine months. And I am looking forward to seeing a different family in about two months, whom we have not seen since October.

So, we know it is not really Goodbye, but more of a See You Later, which greatly eases my heart.

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