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I picked up this map from a Camping World store that we happened onto. I was hoping that it would subtly help persuade my husband to stay on the road more than the six months we had planned.

I’m not sure if it had any influence, but it has now been over eight years since we first started out.

The map we bought is starting to peel away on the edges of the states, so I am not sure I can recommend it. To be honest, it is starting to look pretty crappy.

Rednecks Live Here

Plus, we started putting other type of stickers on the area surrounding the map, so I’m thinking it is starting to say “Rednecks live here.” Of course the red Crypt sticker is pretty cool – the Crypt is where I got my nose pierced in Arlington, Texas. Need I say more?

Those stickers started with a couple of dots we swiped while helping the Jemamobile (an incredible mobile public art project consisting of inspiration and dots on a RV which become a beautiful Monarch butterfly), and then the stickers just took on a life of their own.

Amazon has a nice map for about 20 bucks and I think I would go with that one instead of the one we bought.

Of course, we weren’t exactly super good about making sure the surface was completely free of dirt before slapping on those stickers, so perhaps it is not completely the fault of the product.

If you plan on getting a map, I strongly suggest you at least wipe the map down before you place your states on it. You never really know how long you will want them on there.

Proper Map Placement

We placed our map on the front compartments of the rig. Another pretty cool place I have seen maps is on the front side of a slide. I like that placement because it is not quite as obvious as where ours is.

I’ve also seen them put on the front of the door, but to me that is too much like bragging.

Although I find it pretty funny when you see a map on the front door and there is only one or two states on it. Nothing screams “Newbie” more than that.

Well, maybe other things do, but that is a conversation for another day.
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texas map

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