I think that I might, actually be tall.
It helps me a lot when I get into a brawl.

My hair is a mess, a tangle and a twist.
The comb, it seems to resist.

I know some karate, a little, not much.
It helps me with thugs, and villains, and such.

My artistic skill, I’m afraid is quite lacking.
I’m sure that my art teacher will send me packing.

I’m fast when I stand on one leg, I hop with the best.
It doesn’t help me much when I take the history test.

My fashion sense is terrible, I don’t really care.
Really, go look, remember my hair?

I love to play video games, of this I assure you.
The problem is the dust, which I seem to accrue.

My hobby is writing, I’m really no good.
If you find a copy, burn it, I wish you would.

I never play Mortal Kombat because of the fatality.
If my parents ever saw one, it would be a calamity.

My mental condition, is quite unstable.
Give me a cookie to get me from under the table.

I was trained by Tom. A scrapper with skill.
He taught us to fight. He taught us to kill.

My allergies are bad, they appear when I eat.
Of them, there are many, the worst of them wheat.

I’ll end this poem with an orange.
Because nothing rhymes with it.

It’s been pretty boring around here. We’ve just been sitting around doing nothing. I’ve been neglecting my programming education and favoring history. It’s just that whenever I want to do any programming, I have to open up Windows 7, and that takes like 6.43 minutes, and I just don’t have that kind of time. It’s also very hard to get all of the videos and whatnot that I need to start learning.

We visited Pine Island yesterday for way too long. I had a headache and stuff, so I wasn’t exactly there for it all. We visited a bunch of shops while we were there… the kind that sap your strength and assault your cracked and scarred mentality. It’s kind of like the Cask of Amontillado in reverse. We went to the cool, refreshing countryside, then returned to the insanity of the carnival where I was sealed up in a wall and left to die. Okay, I wasn’t sealed up, but you get the idea. It wasn’t my kind of place. We did visit one cool place though. It was a pottery shop that was made of cinder blocks and wooden boards. It was very ventilated. Mom bought a coffee cup that I had to wash this afternoon. The Calusa burial mounds were pretty cool. But by the time we got there, Madeline was fading fast and I was quite incoherent from prolonged dehydration (three days without a glass of water will make you a bit crazy.)

Cthulhu Ftaghn!

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  1. Jacob I love your poem! It’s so you! I really enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work.!

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