Renaissance Fair

So yeah, we went to a Renaissance fair as vendors. The story is pretty long, so take a seat and set down that ipad.

It all started out on that fateful Monday, when Mom discovered that the Renaissance fair was in town and was looking for vendors for the world fair that Sunday. I once thought that my mother was a sane and rational individual. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tear* Well anyways, despite the fact that we had no merchandise whatsoever aside from the few pairs that Madeline had cooked up, we decided to join. Yes, I said we. I once thought that I was a sane and rational individual. OHOHOHOHOHOHO! I still do. That was only a fit of madness. If I didn’t stay sane, there would be nobody to stop Madeline from having bad ideas, which is my job.

Update! I’m buying this shirt!

Well anyways, Mom and Madeline went for a brief* visit to the Tandy Leather Company for some leather. They came back with three cow hides and some fasteny things. Madeline went to work that day cutting out bracer shapes. She mutilated one and a half hides before she had to quit. Mom was all like “You’ll get sore and won’t be able to work tomorrow!” And Madeline was all like “No I won’t lol”

*Nine hour

The next day, Madeline’s hands hurt too much to do anything beside internet, so I began cutting out the bracers. Have you ever tried to cut out tranusquareish shapes out of stiff leather with wire cutters? It’s like tying your shoes with chopsticks. You don’t do it very well, and you don’t feel like Chinese food afterwards. Eventually, Madeline took over because I was wrecking the hide. The few that I did had to be recut to match each other they were so awful.

Eventually, we ended up at the fair. We had set up our tent the previous day, so we didn’t have to do much besides put out our pitiful wares. We were set up between a magic shop and a Celtic jewelry place in a little, unnoticed corner. There was supposed to be a BBQ competition there, but they never showed up. They did have two little swordfights and some belly dancing there, though. Through the course of the day, we sold two bracelets, and one bottle. I think that the guy who bought the bottle was slightly drunk. He sure smelled like it. In total, the first day we made 24 dollars! WOOHOO! Only about 800 more until we make a profit!

The next day was a lot more fun. I wandered about with Madeline and saw the shops. And near the end of the day, I saw them come back with swords at their hips. Somehow, Madeline spontaneously aged three years and bought a sword for 15 dollars. Dad bought them, and got me one too! We also got some tickets for a raffle at the same weapons shop, which was shaped like a pirate ship. So yeah, Mom and Dad and myself attended the show… Man, he said it was rated ARR! (Like a pirate, get it?) and he sure meant it. I asked Mom how much she would pay me not to end up like him, and she told me that if I did, I would deserve it.

So yeah, we sold nothing that day, but we did trade a bracer and bottle for a nice teacup and plate.

Never again… at least, not for a few days… It was fun, but exhausting…

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