Well I haven’t posted in a very long time. What is there to say? Well… Do you remember that homeschooling meetup a while back? No? I think that I posted it… We are staying with them again. We all kinda gravitated back together, and are now forming a very creepy hive mind. Oddly enough, I don’t know most of their names, or who they are related to.

So yeah, things have been okay. I haven’t been able to work at all. DARNIT! I DELETED MY BLOG POST AND ALL I WAS ABLE TO RECOVER WAS THIS LITTLE BIT! AUGH!

Hmph, well it looks like I’ll have to rewrite all of this. I just got back from a restaurant that the kids in the village have put on. “The village” is what we call our little group of homeschoolers. Well anyways, I just got back from feasting upon wheat free bread, spaghetti, pesto, mashed potatoes, and the flesh of the living. They just got finished counting the money they made after expenses, and it totals to $25.

…What did I put in here before it was deleted? Well, soon we will be visiting family in Montgomery. That is to say, Uncle B, Aunt E, and their kids. After that, we will be visiting my half brother in Texas.

For now, I have lots of dishes to do, and I’ve totally forgotten what I wanted to put in here. When I got it down the first time, it fled from my mind, leaving nothing but a detestable black hole in it’s place. Oh well.

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