Pain & Nose Studs

January 20

Ow! I am so sick of waking up in pain! I woke up at two, which is an hour earlier than normal, and things were okay at that point. Then I awoke at six to a splitting headache- this time on the top of my head down to the neck. Shit.

I stumbled to the bathroom in the twilight of dawn, did my business, ran really hot water over a washcloth and pressed it gently over my face and held its fading warmth to the back of my neck. If felt really good. I walked back into the kitchen and stopped dead. Something was missing. My nose stud. Crap. Gingerly, I felt my face. Nope, it was gone.

Thankfully, I keep a couple of extra nose studs around just for this reason. Who knows when I lost it last night. I gingerly stuck the end of one into the hole in my nose. It still hurts. I have to push it in and then wiggle it around, trying to find the passage through to the interior of my nostril. Perhaps because it is still fairly new – I pierced it probably about eight months ago – but it still hurts trying to get that thing in. I probably should go talk to someone about that.

But, on the positive side of the things, Trying to get that wee bit of metal stuck back through my nose caused enough pain to distract me from my headache. Sorta. And it will be nice to have a different stud in for a while. Hopefully I will be able to find the old one. It was a nice sized stud – not so long that it drove me crazy with extra metal inside my nose, nor so short that it was always falling out.

Oh yes, the coffee is done brewing. Time Out.

It is seven am now and my headache is lingering, but is almost gone. That is one nice thing about these headaches, they tend to be superficial, meaning they hurt like hell, but they don’t go deep and take over my whole day like the ones I used to get when I ate wheat a lot.

Those would crawl down the nerves to my eyes and splinter pain inside my head to the point that I just wanted to bash my head on a rock. They would dance damage for hours, making me vomit in pain, strap a sleep mask over my eyes to try to keep out the debilitating light, curl up in bed and just rock, wishing someone would just come and hold me through the haze of pain. If I was lucky, I would eventually fall asleep, if not, well, it didn’t make for a good day.

Speaking of heads, did I mention that I have been thinking about dreads? I think I will probably do it at some point, especially now that I have turned 50, the question is simply when.

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