Page Springs Resort

We found Page Springs Resort through the Coast to Coast network. The park is part of Sunrise Resorts, which comprises 12 resorts in the Western region of the country.

Our Thousand Trails membership that we purchased had not cleared through the transfer department yet and we needed a place to stay near Sedona, Arizona.

The park is located between Sedona and Cottonwood, which is nice. We were a little confused when we got to the park entrance, because there is a restaurant parking lot that combines with driveway to the park.

We got out and went into the restaurant to find out where to go and they kindly gave us directions.

page springs officeThe driveway is a steep decline down to the park, which is located on Oak Creek, a beautiful little river. When we checked in at the office, the Manager, Diane helped us out.

She was quite sweet and gave us a site that backed right up onto the creek. Unfortunately, the creek sites don’t have sewer, but we thought that would be ok.

We got down to the site and got backed in with a little bit of difficulty because we were backing in between a large Cottonwood tree and another RV. I knew immediately that the site was not going to work. There was maybe eight feet between our door and the next door neighbor.

In addition, that rig was a really cool toy hauler that opened up in the rear to a back porch which contained a couple of big dogs.

We Might Not Get Our Rig Out

creekside campsitesI was also afraid that if anyone moved into the sites across from us, we would not be able to get our rig out to dump, let alone get it back into our tiny slot.

So, we walked back up to talk to Dianne about it and asked for a sewer site instead.

I would have loved to be right on the creek, but sewer is more important with a family.

Dianne graciously gave us a premium spot right across from the office, which we could not seem to back into, because of a really large tree. Some days backing into a spot is a breeze, and we hit it dead on the first time.

Other days, like today, it seems no matter what, we just can’t get the dang angle right. Phil and I were both pretty flustered by then.

I found myself yelling “Stop!” over and over into the walkie-talkie while Phil was backing the rig up because he wasn’t stopping and he was headed for that darn tree. He finally stopped, got out to check out the scenario and I started to give him a little bit of grief for not listening to me. He said he couldn’t hear me.

I looked down at my walkie, only to find I had shut the thing off after backing into the first site. Oops. I’m ashamed to say I actually debated for a moment whether to fess up or not. But I did, to Phil’s not quite hidden delight. Gosh I hate it when that happens.

On another day, I think we could have backed into the spot fairly easy. Not today though. Back to the office we went yet again and Dianne moved us to the site next door, bumping someone else into a different site.


lush vegetation on oak creekoak creekThe first thing I noticed here was hearing all the birds singing, the second was the relaxing sound of water rushing in the creek.

Although the campground is not paved and is a bit dusty, somehow it has a tranquil feel to it, due to the cool shade from the large cottonwood trees.

A small rose garden blooms in front of the office and a cute little water fountain bubbles happily nearby.

A nice walking trail meanders along the creek, leading past a shallow spot which was fun to splash in.

Across the street is a marked birding trail that leads to a fish hatchery down the street. The loop is about half an hour to walk. We went in the morning, before it got too hot and saw a lot of birds and a couple of deer.


page springs campsitesThe campground has 64 sites, only 24 of those have sewer. The rest are located on the lower level, down by the creek.

While all of the creek sites are very close together, some are really tight. As in, if you put your awning out you will be touching your neighbor tight.

While this might be okay when you are traveling with friends, I find it a bit claustrophobic to step out my camper door right into the side of another rig.

The sewer sites are better, but some of them are close as well.

Phone, TV and Internet Service

Cable is available for $2.00 a day.

My Sprint Iphone had one bar and two when we put our antennae up. It worked, but barely. Phil could not use his phone for any data and even voice did not work too well.

My MIFI Verizon got one bar, even with the antennae up. It would connect, but that was it. No use at all.

There is no free wifi at this campground. Tengo Internet is available, however. I purchased one day for $2.00 and it worked fine, so I bought a week for about $12.00. The only problem I had with the Tengo is day before we were to leave.

They have a policy that you get so much bandwidth and if you go over that limit, they squeeze down the bandwidth, so your service gets really slow. I think my Iphone must have updated by accident, because that night my service slowed down to a rate that was pretty much unusable.

Jacob’s Shower Evaluation

page springs showerAs nice as the park was, it had a fatal flaw, the showers. On the surface they were nice enough, or rather, they were cosmetically sound, we’ll get to the surface in a minute.

The first thing that struck me upon entering the shower stall were the three or four bugs that had made the place their home.

This is nothing new to me, I’ve found beetles, moths, flies, mosquitoes and other bugs in other showers, it’s not a big deal, usually I just wash them down the drain and continue.

However, this time I encountered a bit of a problem. Over a period of about 20 years or so, the showerhead had collected an impressive amount of a chalky, white calcium all over its surface, also nothing new, but this time it was to such a degree that the head was almost completely immoveable.

RIP Bugs

After a few minutes of wrestling with the thing, I gave up and pushed the insects to their watery grave with my hairbrush. RIP bugs, RIP hairbrush.

After my encounter with the bugs, I came across another problem, this one a first for me. As I turned the ancient cold water handle back to the neutral position, a peculiar thing happened. That is to say, nothing happened.

The water continued to pour out at it’s full (and incredibly unimpressive) force. At first I thought that I had done something wrong, and spun it around again, and again, and again.

I Finally Gave Up and Got The Manager

I must have spun that thing around like fifty times before I finally gave up and went to go find the manager, who called in the maintenance guy. He ripped the handle off with a screwdriver and simply stuck it back on.

Amazingly, this worked, and the cold water functioned properly for the rest of THAT visit.

Once in the shower, I found it to be less than clean. Every now and then you’ll find little spots of greyness or brownness, or even redness. Usually they’re just part of the shower and stick in place. Not this time, the shower, while not filthy, was certainly not 100% clean.

The next time I showered, I avoided the first shower for fear of messing up the handle again and went to the other one. (There are only two shower stalls.)

This time I found a layer of red dust, characteristic of the red rock area. Also oddly enough, the shower head was trapped in an upward position to make sure that the poor pressure would shoot the water in an arc.

It Was Really Gross

While examining it, I barely nudged the grate of the drain, which caused it to pop off and somehow get a white powder all over my knuckles when I tapped it back into place, which was really gross.

Having enough of that shower
, I went back to my first pick and turned on the water. Bet you can’t guess what happened when I tried to turn it off. The same thing happened as before – the handle just spun around and I had to go get the manager again before I could use it.

All in all, the showers here are mostly just really old. A little dirty, a little calcified, but mostly just a little bit too 1987 for my taste.

Water Pressure

The water pressure is really low here. They claim it is 25 PSI. I’m not quite sure how to translate that, but it means trickling water faucets and shower heads. It was usable, but barely.


The office, bathrooms and clubhouse are older, modular buildings. They were fairly clean, and did not smell. Here are pictures of the clubhouse.
page springs clubhouse
page springs clubhousepage springs clubhouse2

And the women’s bathroom:
page springs bathroomPersonnel

campground managerThe manager was so nice – she had a great attitude. She came over the day we were leaving and said good-bye. She also sought out both Phil and I separately to tell us how nice and well behaved our kids are. What parent wouldn’t get warm fuzzies from that?

She was out pruning the roses growing in the front when Phil walked by with the garbage and she gave us a pink long-stemmed rose. Like I said – really sweet lady.

Overall Campground Evaluation

This park is hard to evaluate because it has both really good and not so nice attributes. The showers, the closeness of the sites and the dustiness of the park is in direct contrast to the great attitude of the manager, the nice walking areas available, and the lushness of the vegetation lining the creek.

I would stay here again if we could get this site again and we still belonged to Coast to Coast. But there are so few really nice sites, that it is a bit of a gamble as to which site you will get.

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