Open Your Soul

January 2

I woke up at five this morning with a headache, as usual. I’m learning to just ignore them a bit. I screwed around on Facebook and Groupon for an hour, then hubby got up to go to the bathroom. I held my breath until he went back to bed.

I much prefer being alone when I write. Not sure why. It is just such a personal endeavor and I don’t want to chat when I’m writing. Hubby has been getting up earlier than me lately, so I was relieved when he didn’t stay up. If he would sleep at least until I am done with this, that would be good.

We are in Menifee, California. It snowed six inches here a few days ago. Luckily, the snow was about 2-3 miles from here – all we got was a bit of hail and a lot of rain. A friend and I went to the local coffee shop and were confused about the snow we saw on cars in the parking lot. We talked to a surfer dude while waiting for our coffee and he told us about the snow. It wasn’t very far from us at all.

Laughing, we looked at the pictures on his phone, including one with his surfboard. He agreed to send it to my friend to use on her blog. He was an interesting looking guy. Tall and lanky, his long blonde hair fell over his eyes and down past his shoulders in a pony tail. He wore a coat with the name O’Neal on it. I think that is a surfboard or clothing company. He had a long face and large grin with crooked front teeth. A very nice guy. I could just see him hanging out on a surfboard, or snowboard even. He was a bit older – an aging surfer dude. Funny.

His girlfriend was very nice, but talked a lot. As my friend commented to me later, the girlfriend talked at us, he talked with us. Big difference.

Okay, 322 words, over halfway there! I am happy to stitch two days of writing together. I wish my headache would go away. I took some medicine a bit ago, so am hoping it will dissipate soon. I should probably eat something pretty soon.

Open your soul
And look within.
Let light wash over
Dark corners,
Musty towels,
Drippy faucets.
Restore the gleam
That comes with youth
Before we are worn
Thin with effort and age.

Okay, only a hundred words to go. Hmm, what to eat for breakfast. I am not sure. Eggs have not been agreeing with me lately. Maybe I will have cream cheese pancakes. Yummy. I do need to get off dairy, but not until I am off carbs first. I need to look into the family eating Paleo.

Cripe. I am tired of worrying about food. It sucks. I can’t seem to get back on a ketogenic diet. Although I am starting to again today. We shall see. My mind wants one thing, my body another. It is depressing and I want to be done with this.

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