Of Rivets and Eyelets

So, I spent another small fortune and purchased 1000 eyelets, 1000 rivets, and about 20 different dyes…So, yesterday, all of that arrived and I made this:

Scale Cuff

Yep. Not the neatest thing, but what’cha gunna do?

So, I’ve been spending most of my time reading thins book called ‘Ready Player 1’ which is a fantastic book filled with video game, music, game, and obscure references, most of which I (proudly) understood. Maybe I should get a life…But, anyway, I finished it last night. If you have not read it, I recommend you do.

In any case, we leave this campground soon and head back to Orlando. Uh-huh.

Have a nice day,


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  1. Very cool leather art. WOW the colors are great. I didn’t know you could get so many leather dye colors.

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