NyQuil & Avoiding Work

January 6

I’m a little groggy this morning. Something set me off last night. I kept coughing and my nose was running. So I got back up out of bed and took some night time NyQuil.

Gosh, that stuff knocks me out and the next day I always move about in an almost dreamlike state. I just want to crawl back into bed and I have had two cups of coffee and a walk already.

Part of it is I know I have to work a few hours at my job this morning and am resisting that. However, I am up against a deadline and know that I really do need to do it.

The end of year accounting stuff is always stressful for me. I only need to do it once a year, so although I have been doing it many years in a row, I am always worried that I am going to miss filing some report, or forget a stupid payment, let alone screwing up someone’s w-2.

Each year I seem to get it done, however, so I really should not worry. But I do hate it.

Well, it is now almost 11 pm. I had to stop writing because I was boring myself to death and then I was busy most of the day. I’m trying to remember what I did. I know I got my walk in with hubby and the dogs.

Oh yes, then by 10 I was ready to work, but had a headache and was still really groggy. I realized that I do have some semblance of control over my schedule and that I really did not have to start work at 10. So I went back to bed for almost two hours.

At noon, I was once again ready to work, but then decided to take my fresh cup of herbal tea and go visit my friend, who is staying a few sites away from us. She happened to be sitting out under the awning, having a lunch of goat cheese with cranberries and rice crackers from a beautiful blue bowl.

I sat down next to her and chatted for about half an hour, girding my loins to go back to work. Finally got there about 1:30. Worked til 6. Crap, isn’t my word count done yet? No? Okay.

So, I had hubby drop me off at the lodge to work because my internet wasn’t cooperating. Once I got settled in there, I realized that I had to reconcile the credit card, which I couldn’t do unless I printed the statement out.

The printer was back at the rig. Where there was no internet to get the statement to print. Yes. A problem. Meanwhile, my phone buzzed with a text saying that the antennae I ordered had been delivered.

Yipee! I packed my shit up, walked over and picked up my package, then hoofed it back home. Took about 8.5 minutes to walk. I could probably have done it faster, but I was wearing my flip-flops.

The antennae worked great.

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