Noise at Midnight

January 22

Crap, I got up late again – a little before eight. The pain is less today, more achy in my neck and forehead, less sharp and more dull. I slept quite a bit, I wish I felt more rested. But I am tired. It’s a crappy way to start the day, waking up tired.

I got to sleep about 10 or 10:30. Woke up at a quarter to midnight. I lay in bed with a slight headache listening to the noise. The air conditioner was running, the big kids cracking up hysterically over a video game they were playing on the TV, I could hear the road noise, a plane was flying overhead and the damn train came by as well. Layers upon layers of noise at midnight. Why are normal sounds so much larger in the dark?

The two big kids are on a new video kick. Last night they were playing The Legend Of Zelda. One kid had one portion of the controller and the other part went to the other kid. So one had control over what the character did, the other, where it went. They couldn’t do anything without cooperating. They had a good time though.

I am amazed that I have been able to keep this up for three whole weeks. According to some folks, 21 days makes something a habit. Not sure I agree with that. It is still too easy not to walk in the morning, and I have been doing that way more than 21 days. I do agree that remembering to write is getting easier.

I do prefer to do it in the morning, so then I can check it off in my brain and not have to worry about it the rest of the day. Writing it later does have its benefits, however, making it easier to write about things that happened that day rather than the day before. My memory has been getting mushy and I am amazed at how much I forget just overnight. Pretty pathetic really.

But to be fair, our days are pretty quiet. For example, yesterday I worked a couple hours in the morning, then all but Jacob went to a coffee shop in the afternoon to give him some privacy in the camper. Jacob had a meeting with a storyboard artist he is doing some work for. Ella went to the pool, played at the park and downloaded apps on her iPad at the coffee shop. A pretty full day for us.

At this point, my word count is just over a four hundred. Although I really don’t edit much when posting, today I removed a large paragraph regarding an embarrassing moment for my son. While funny and endearing to me, I do not feel comfortable sharing it with the world at large as it is his story to tell, not mine.

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