Maintain Your Lug Nuts

Today definitely did not go as planned.

Earlier this week, I signed up M-girl and I for an Open Hearth Cooking Class in Knoxville. Really, who wouldn’t want to learn to cook over an open flame?

It started at 10, so the whole family got up and on the road by 7:15. I don’t think we have ever gotten the rig on the road that early ever – and I have to say – it sucked. Especially since hubby was tossing his cookies last night with the stomach flu and the rest of us were still recovering. Luckily, he was feeling much better in the morning.

The Tire Was Shredded

About 20 minutes into our hour and a half drive, I got a phone call saying that the volunteer who was going to teach the class had a family emergency and had to cancel the class.

Ugh. We’d gotten up early for nothing. So we set our sights on Waynesville, NC, which was our eventual destination anyway.


Another 45 minutes into the trip, a car blew by us, waving and pointing. Now this is NEVER a good thing. Turns out we blew a back camper tire and didn’t even know it. The thing was just shredded.

Luckily, Phil had a 10 ton bottle jack, a four way lug wrench and a hammer so he could change the tire. He needed the hammer because the lug nuts on the tires were in bad condition and would not turn without some encouragement.

So the Tip of the Day is: keep your lug nuts in good shape. We got lucky. If Phil had not been able to get the lug nuts off, we would have been there for hours, waiting for Good Sam to come. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Good Sam, but it does usually take a quite a bit of time before you can get back on the road. We were good to go in about 30-45 minutes.

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