Jayco Eagle 325BH Fifth Wheel Camper

When we were shopping for a camper, I loved seeing pictures of the inside of rigs. Ones that actually had people living in them. To tell the truth, I still do. I am always seeking out new sources of inspiration. After all, this is our home and I want it to be a nice place to live.

So, I have tried to find some pictures of the RV, soon after we bought it and before we did any of the many renovations. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures when we first bought it. Duh. But my mind really wasn’t on blogging at the time – I was more worried about what the heck we were doing.

If interested, you can see the official RV floor plan by clicking on the link.


rv kitchen
Here is our kitchen. Notice the small pop-up counter top hanging on the side. This was originally in the master bedroom, to hold a TV. Phil repurposed it, at my request, and it is one of the most valuable items in my kitchen. It essentially doubles my counter space. Yeah, I know that is kind of sad.

We installed the holder on the right side of the stove. It was a very convenient place to store my oils and vinegars, although it did tend to get a bit warm. Unfortunately, I am not that good a cook to even notice the effect on the oils, so it worked for us.

We did eventually get rid of it in one of the remodels, and put up a hook to hold the cutting board that fits over the sink. We use it constantly, and there was no good place to store it, so up it went.

My large knives and the scissors are located in the back of the stove – in the vent system that was already installed. The spice rack was pretty worthless because it did not hold much and a lot of my spice containers would not fit, so we eventually tossed it.

Living Space

camper dining room
Here is our kitchen table/living room/TV room. Because we started our trip traveling with a baby, we added a very small rocking chair to the living area. I cannot even imagine living with a baby without a rocker. We used the heck out that chair, until it wore out and we had to toss it. I still miss it, although having the extra floor space is nice.

The plastic thing hanging from the cabinet above the table holds our napkins. We eventually got rid of that as well, and just store the napkins in a small basket stored in that cabinet. It is nice, because it is out of the way, but you can just reach up and grab one while sitting at the table.

camper living room

Here is another view of the living area. On the left side of this little hallway is a big pantry area, and to the left is our dime sized bathroom.

Kids Sleeping Area

rv bunksAs you can see, we have three bunks for the kids.

The top bunk is really close to the ceiling, and we did not need it at first, so we used that area for storage.

Phil installed shower curtain rods in each bunk and because we were pressed for time before we left, I just folded up some navy blue sheets to hang over the rods. They were nice because being dark, they gave privacy.

I had planned on sewing some nice curtains for them at some point in time. Yeah, right. Those sheets are still hanging, eight years later.

You can also see in the photo, the drawers that the older two kids used for their clothes. Within the first week of beginning our trip, one of the drawers fell out and busted up the drawer rails. From then on, we bungeed them shut every time we moved.

Those drawers were pulled out and turned into a bunk for Ella, about five years later.
kids bunk room
The other side of that room had a small counter for the kid’s computer and a back door, which we never really use except to open up to get air flowing through the rig.

You can see the computer monitor, which was screwed onto the desk and the map that we used to track our progress through the country.

library storageMaddie made use of the top bunk to store a few of her books. She sleeps in the middle bunk, and when she sits up, the top bunk is almost like a little desk for her.

I’m afraid that’s all the photos I have of the original rig. I will be posting some more pics of the different remodels and repaintings we did over the years pretty soon.

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