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…Well, we left Montgomery and got on our way yesterday. We were driving, driving, driving for 5 hour straight until I peered out my window at the side mirror. To my surprise, clouds of smoke were being whipped away from our back tire. Cars honked at us until we pulled over to find that our axle spring broke, and melted our tires. So, we called out some guys with strong southern accents to patch up the axle enough for us to drive it to the repair shop, which was conveniently located a mile from where we were.  The guys were nice, but mom did not want to stay in the camper while it was in the shop. So we picked up our dogs and computers and headed for the Drury hotel. A big fancy expensive place that gives you free breakfast, dinner, and all day soda and popcorn. They also have a hot tub. And a shower that doesn’t run out of hot water after four minutes…Very awesome…

Anyway, the trailer will be fixed by noon today, but some pretty horrid weather is just west of us, and going nowhere. So, we have no idea what we’re gunna do. Push through the bad weather or stay at this hotel another night. Personally, I would rather keep going.

On another note, it is very quiet in our trailer, without all of the Village people. But I think me and Mom are the only people who are sorry to be away from them. However, we will see a few of them in North Carolina. Apparently we will be staying on a large property, working the land and feeding chickens, for the Full Moon celebration. So that will be interesting.

I’m not a hippie, really-


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