Hair Dye & Business Brainstorming

January 17

Came over to spend some time with Tootsie, sat on the couch and guess what I heard? That’s right, Santa Baby by the same guy as last time. They truly do not have that many Christmas songs. Why would anyone want to listen to Christmas songs way after Christmas? I don’t get it. That is it, the radio is getting shut off.

It is hot in here. I finally broke down and turned the air on. The fan just wasn’t doing the job.

I had an interesting day yesterday. Shit, I can’t remember what I did in the morning. Maddie had a haircut and a color scheduled at the Paul Mitchell school at one. I went ahead and had a conditioning treatment and a trim, both of which were done quite nicely. It took a little over an hour. By the time I was done, Maddie was still getting her roots bleached. I went and had coffee with hubby, then came back to check on Maddie. She still was not done.

The girl doing her hair said another 45 minutes, maybe an hour. So I went back for more coffee and came back an hour later. Maddie had three instructors hovering over her and one of them said it would be another hour and half. What? Sigh. Maddie looked pretty tired by then. So Phil went to Target and I walked across the street and got a pedicure and manicure.

It was four hours by the time they were done with her. And she had red dye splashed all over her face and coating her hair line. When I got the bill it was over $100. What? I was expecting a LOT less then that. I was pissed. I still am, to some degree, but am working on letting it go. My hair still feels fabulous, btw. Will definitely be getting that treatment again.

I had a business chat scheduled with a friend today. It was a lot of fun. I love listening to folks talk about their business and brainstorm on what they can do with it or how to do things better. She had some sage advice for me as well, which was awesome. Sometimes just talking things out with someone can really help define your vision, or the next steps that need to be done.

I’ve had three different people mention the idea of me doing business consulting and the idea really turns me on. I’m not sure how to make it gel, but I’d do it for free for a while. Yes, it is that much fun. I’ve always liked brainstorming, finding ways to tweak processes or doing some strategic planning.

That is the creative part. The grunt work is going and actually making it happen. That part can be fun if you are excited about what you are doing. I’ve been there and done that and am not interested in that section of the process any more. But coming up with the ideas, or helping someone figure out theirs – now that is a completely different story.

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