Good Food, Nasty Coffee

January 7

Well, it is 9:15 and I am just now sitting down to write my morning pages. Jeesh. Just a tad late today. But that is okay, since it is still technically today and this is the seventh day in a row I am writing. A whole week. Wow. That is 3,500 words when I am done today. That is a lot.

If I could do that on my books, I’d be doing pretty darn good.

We had to shop for food today. Yesterday, M was complaining that there was no food in the house. I had to agree. There was food, but nothing we wanted to eat. We wanted good food, meaning yummy, snacky things.

Today I bought a bunch of stuff, so now they can’t complain. Since I brought it all home, this family has already polished off most of a large size tub of hummus, a box of rice crackers, most of a bag of potato chips, half a tub of trail mix, a few protein bars, a handful of dark chocolate covered mixed berries and three quarters of a bag of chocolate drizzled popcorn with cherries.

That doesn’t include the six burgers and salad we had for dinner, nor the tub of ranch vegetable dip that went with the potato chips. This family can eat a lot at times. No wonder my grocery bill with three days of dinners planned was as much as a normal week! Boy, we have eaten good today. Oh, I forgot the half loaf of gluten free bread and a pound of Cajun turkey breast slices. Mmm.

I want to buy gluten free bread more often. I hesitate because it costs $5.50 a loaf, and we can eat a loaf in half an hour. But it really was a joy to have an open face turkey sandwich today. So much so, that I had to go back and make another one, even though I had already put all the ingredients away. It was bliss.

Perhaps I will start buying the bread more often. We are drinking less coffee, so perhaps that will even things out. Although, now that hubby is drinking only two cups of coffee a day, rather than his normal two to three pots, I have been starting to buy more expensive coffee. I like that. Still not sure which brand I like best though. Too many different beans and roasts to choose from. Sure wish I knew what that last crap we got was. That coffee was nasty.

I deliberately did not buy heavy cream for my coffee today. I have been coughing a lot lately – I know it is from the dairy. So, I am cutting back. I’ll use almond milk, which really can’t compete with cream. Too watery. Or, I will use canned coconut milk. That is better – the heavy cream at the top of the can is so good. Good for you too. I got M hooked on it for her tea and then quit buying it because we were going through a can every other day. That runs two to three bucks a can, depending on what brand and what store. Guess I will start back up again. Done. Yeah.

Almost forgot- we took the girls to a climbing gym today. Will talk about that tomorrow. If I remember.

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