Feng Shui & Mash

January 14

It is 7 at night and I am writing this tucked into my bed, under my new sheets and comforter, propped up with a bunch of new pillows. The rest of the family is hanging out in the living room, watching Mash reruns. For some reason, Madeline really likes that show. Which is hysterically funny to me. We watch Chips, Emergency and Mash. Every once in a while we get stuck with Andy Griffith, which nobody really likes. Occasionally, Wonder Woman will appear, cracking us all up at the bad plots and even worse costume.

This Feng Shui book made me take a look at my bedroom and I wasn’t real happy with what I noticed. Because I have a built in desk up there, meaning a horizontal surface, everything that doesn’t have a home gets piled there. No matter what I do, it is cluttered. I hung a curtain over it and I am amazed at how much nicer and quieter the energy in the bedroom is.

I love my duvet, but it is orange and yellow and green – not exactly restful. Plus, I can’t find any other comforter to match. Phil and I decided to go with twin beds in the RV, so that we could walk into the middle of the room and actually use it during the day. But his comforter was white. Well, it was that color when we bought it years ago. Plus it had an obnoxious brown stain on it where melted chocolate was spilled on it. You really don’t want to know the story behind that one. Anyway, the chocolate would not come out in the wash and it looked nasty.

We did not find anything we liked at Target last night, so today we ventured to Bed, Bath & Beyond after a family trip to the climbing gym. Even Jacob climbed, for the first time. He liked the climbing, not the height so much. Ella climbed up one place, stood up on top and then was stuck for quite a while because she was too afraid to go down the pole. Maddie finally talked her down, climbing back the way she went up.

At the store, we picked up a couple of twin comforter sets, in Spa Blue. I was not sure it was going to go with our periwinkle walls, but it is okay. Quite the restful color. We picked up a couple of decorative pillows and some fresh ivory sheets. The room seems much more peaceful now. I quite like it. Because of all the pillows, I can actually lean up against the back wall, like most folks do. Our wall slopes down toward the end of the bed, so I have never been able to sit like this. It feels quite cozy. I hate giving up my favorite duvet, but it looks pretty darn good on Madeline’s bunk. I hope she enjoys it like I did.

Hmm, I hear Phil sipping a cup of tea. I think I will join him.

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