Digital Clutter 1: Ten Minute Tips to a Simpler Life

digital clutter Digital clutter is almost as bad as physical clutter. It seems harmless because it doesn’t take up physical space, yet it still takes up mental energy and space.

Take a look at your e-mail program. How many e-mails are waiting for your attention in your “In Box?” I am embarrassed to say that I have 924. Every time I check my email, those unread e-mails suck just a little of my energy. They add to my “to-do” list.

How would it feel to have just a few unread emails instead of hundreds or thousands? Since we are too busy to spend hours cleaning up our inbox, we will do it in small chunks of time.

A Simple Tip To Reduce Your Digital Clutter

Your tip for today is to get out your trusty timer and set it for ten minutes. Use your watch if you have to. Open your e-mail program and start your timer. Spend ten minutes unsubscribing from any subscription that you don’t read or don’t love.

If you get done with your unsubscribing, go ahead and start deleting old e-mails. Most mail programs have a search function, so you can do a search on someone or a subject, find all the old e-mails and delete them in one fell swoop.

Stop when your timer goes off. If you like, you can continue this task daily. Another way to tackle the clutter problem is to just delete a few emails and/or unsubscribe to one or two subscriptions whenever you check your email.

Spending just a few minutes on a regular basis is easy and can help tremendously in tackling your digital clutter problem.

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