Date Shakes & Swimsuits

January 19
Woke up yesterday and today at five am with headache and neck pain. I am so tired of this. It is making my life hell. Yesterday I was sick again. Not much came up, but it still sucked. At least today I am not puking. Just in a lot of pain.

I took some Excedrin and had some French Vanilla Tea with Vanilla coconut milk creamer. Then just sat on the couch a while in the dark, as usual. Actually, I did eventually flip our nighttime lights on, which consists of two strands of white Christmas lights strung over the windows. It is a much softer light than any of our lamps. Easier on the eyes at night and in the early morning.

I did not do a green smoothie this morning because it was a travel day. Believe me, you need to be near a bathroom after drinking those things. Stuff goes in, stuff goes out. It is a pretty healthy system actually, but I learned long ago to do my walking before drinking my smoothie, not after.

We are now in Palm Desert – near Palm Springs in California. It is 80 degrees out. Wow, in January. Love it. We moved in the morning and checked out Shield’s date farm for another viewing of the clip “The Romance and Sex life of the Date.” Or something like that. Ella was bored. We’d seen it last time we were here, which was two years ago, but Ella didn’t remember.

I picked up some dates, date sugar crystals and salt water taffy at Ella’s request. Also bought some intense hand cream for Maddie, whose knuckles are bruised and banged up from rock climbing. We then got date shakes, Ella and I split one. Thank goodness, cause I did not like it very much. I should have remembered from last time. I gave my half to Phil to finish after he was done with his. Yuck. Not sure why I like dates, but not date shakes. But, there it is.

After dinner, Phil, Maddie and I went down to the hot tub. I normally don’t go, as my suit is 10 years old (I bought it when I was pregnant with Ella,) and it is stretched out and doesn’t fit me very well. So I am very self conscious in it and normally just don’t go anywhere if it requires a bathing suit. But I thought that maybe since it was the dinner hour, the hot tub might be vacant. No such luck.

There must have been more than 10 people in that small thing. The thought of them watching us as we walked toward them and got in the tub, then trying to find a place to sit, squished against who knows what, and my suit floating all over the place and my personal assets maybe not being covered as much as I would like… well, I turned tail and fled. No way in hell was that gonna happen.

Phil and Maddie stayed. I went home and cut that damn suit up so I never have to endure that situation again. I am finding myself a new swimsuit, damn it. I don’t care what my weight is. If folks don’t like how I look, they can damn well look somewhere else. I am tired of my weight dictating what I do. It is stopping now.

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