Sedona Red Rocks


Driving into Sedona, Arizona from Cottonwood, you can see the beautiful red rocks that grace this area. It is truly a beautiful and spiritual place. You can’t help but to relax when surrounded by these deeply colored rocks. We have been to Sedona several times, and we always look forward to coming to the area.

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Fort Worth, Texas

fort worth bridge

Going over the bridge into Fort Worth, Texas. While we weren’t too crazy about all the traffic in the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth area, we did like the downtown of Fort Worth itself. The drive into the city was not too bad and parking was easily found. We had a good time wandering around.

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Deep In The Heart Of Texas

On our way from Columbus, Texas toward Whitney. The country here has gone from flat to a little bit hilly. The scrubby brush is still about the same though. We are taking secondary roads, which has been really nice. We can still go 55-60 mpg, without big trucks blowing by us.

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Welcome To West Virginia

west virginia road

The day we drove into West Virginia was a bit cloudy and drizzly. Even the rain could not disguise the absolute beauty of this country. The fall leaves were turning, revealing the brilliant reds and golds of the season. One thing I did not like too much about the back roads of West Virginia was that they seem to have no shoulders on the roads, even when on a side of a very large hill….

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