Easter, 2014

happy easter kids

In an attempt to dial down the Easter basket scene in our house, we announced to the kids a couple of weeks ago that once the youngest in the family turned 8, then we got a family basket, rather than individual ones. The two older kids didn’t care, but Ella was not too happy about not having her own basket. Every couple of days she would comment about not liking the idea. We just sympathized…

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Sundance Square, Fort Worth

sundance square

After touring the Japanese Garden, we grabbed quick tacos and ice cream at Dairy Queen, then headed into downtown Forth Worth. We ended up in a parking structure that gave us just a tad bit of a problem. The height was okay, although we did ding our antennae driving in, but the turns were really tight. We had to make a two point turn at one junction. The spaces were really small too. Seems as…

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Fort Worth Japanese Garden

japanese tea house

Wandering the meandering paths through the Japanese Garden in Forth Worth is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Part of the much larger Botanical Gardens, this seven acre park was originally a gravel pit. Now it is a peaceful area, full of bamboo, dripping water and spirit houses. Thousands of Koi live in the ponds here. They are huge and we enjoyed feeding them. Their size and coloring are a result of centuries of…

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Elvis Is In The Building

elvis is coming

Madeline mentioned one afternoon that she would like to see an Elvis impersonator. A few days later, this showed up on the campground bulletin board at the Gulf Shores State Park. Since it wasn’t too far away, we decided to go, and Grandma decided to join us. It was only five bucks, and all the proceeds were going to a veteran’s home, so it seemed like the thing to do. Plus, how often do you…

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TARDIS In The Backyard

When we found out that Aaron had built a TARDIS for Halloween, we had to see it for ourselves. We headed over to his place for an afternoon and had fun raking leaves and helping him build the TARDIS in the backyard. We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed playing in the TARDIS.

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A New Tailgate

October 5, 2006 Ellie, and thus I, was up by 6:25. Ugh. This baby girl has got to learn to sleep in a bit later. We had school in the morning. The kids filled in a booklet to earn their Kentucky Land Between The Lakes Junior Ranger Badge. After lunch we headed over to the planetarium and saw the show Ring Worlds about the space probe Collier/G something that was launched in 1997 to explore…

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Are We In The Right Town?

I opened my eyes at about 8 am. Well, it was better than yesterday, but still an hour later than I had wanted to get up. I wondered why Phil hadn’t woken me and realized he was still sleeping too. Late morning for both of us. Had hazelnut coffee while going over the grocery list I made last night. I realized that I would not be home in time to make dinner, so Phil agreed…

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Washington DC, Supreme Court, Library of Congress

10-13-11 We called our senator’s office to get a tour of the Capitol. You can only tour the White House if you start 6 weeks early, due to background checks. We set a time for 2 this afternoon and the gal on the phone told us how to get there. We started out around 11. We drove to the metro station and picked up the green line, transferred to the red line and ended up…

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Mistletoe State Campground

Saturday, November 14, 2006 We were woken at 7 am by some idiot revving up his motorcycle for about 10-15 minutes. At first I thought it was the auto body shop next door, but then the idiot went screaming off. What a moron. Although we were planning on going to the island this morning, I couldn’t get the image of the lake at the Mistletoe State Campground out of my head. So we went there…

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Aiken, SC

We drove past Aiken, out to the State park, so see if it would be a good place to camp. It wasn’t. Not a real pretty area and it would be difficult to get the trailer back there. We walked around Aiken a bit, and had lunch downtown. It looks pretty much the same. It’s a cute little town. The street signs all have horse heads on them, because it is quite the equestrian center….

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