Shuddering Truck – The Saga Continues

The truck was done. Our wonderful friend drove us the hour into Aberdeen to pick it up. The problem was some type of metal tube that hooked to the turbo boost sensor. Or something. Only $400. Yeah! We did our grocery shopping for the trip – had to load up for snacks for such a long journey. The truck ran fine until about a quarter mile from home. Then the check engine soon light flashed…

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Shuddering Truck

Phil and I decided it was time to meet some new families because we really need to find more playmates for Ella. We had thought we would meet a lot more families during the summer, but found that the weekend campers were not a good source of friends to play with. The kids seem to come with cousins or other family members and so are not that interested in meeting new friends. An awesome way…

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Our Favorite Mechanic


We needed to leave at 1:00 to get to the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History in time for the docent tour at 2:00. It was a bright, sunny day and so I grabbed my sunglasses and the kids and we all piled in the truck and buckled up. Phil turned the truck key, it started up and then died. He tried again, it died again. And again. And again. We all sat in silence…

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Emergency Road Service

emergency road service good sam

We have used Good Sam Clubfor our emergency road service for many years now. I would not go out on the road without their coverage. For about $120 a year, we can call Good Sam whenever we have trouble on the road, which, unfortunately, does happen. Last year, we had a rash of both tire and truck issues. Good Sam was there for us, and got us on our way. Be sure you are covered,…

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Maintain Your Lug Nuts

Today definitely did not go as planned. Earlier this week, I signed up M-girl and I for an Open Hearth Cooking Class in Knoxville. Really, who wouldn’t want to learn to cook over an open flame? It started at 10, so the whole family got up and on the road by 7:15. I don’t think we have ever gotten the rig on the road that early ever – and I have to say – it…

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Flaring My Scarcity Nerve

The truck won’t start. Again. It did the same thing a few weeks ago and left us stranded in the parking lot of Mount Rushmore. It had to be towed and we were lucky in that the wonderful tow guy had a large cab that the entire family could squeeze into and so we got home to our campground. $500 and five days later we got the truck back, new o-rings on one side. Since…

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Slashed Tire

slashed tire

October 16, 2006 Ellie was up a lot last night (another tooth popping out) so I slept in this morning. Now it is drizzling and Phil noticed the trailer has a flat tire. I called Good Sam and help is on the way! I am so glad I joined. Phil wanted to go buy a hydraulic jack so he could change the tire. This rig weighs almost 12,000 pounds. I’d much rather have someone else…

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