Feng Shui & Mash

January 14 It is 7 at night and I am writing this tucked into my bed, under my new sheets and comforter, propped up with a bunch of new pillows. The rest of the family is hanging out in the living room, watching Mash reruns. For some reason, Madeline really likes that show. Which is hysterically funny to me. We watch Chips, Emergency and Mash. Every once in a while we get stuck with Andy…

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A Puking Lesson

January 12 Wow, I am doing my morning pages two mornings in a row. What is wrong with me? It is 6 am. I woke up again at 5 and laid in bed a while. My thought was to do some visualization on my neck area. I was really sick yesterday from intense neck pain that morphed into a migraine. It was bad enough that I took half a dose of hydrocordone, which didn’t touch…

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No Dinosaurs in Cali

January 8 We went to a museum today with J and her kids. It was ok. For eight bucks I expected a bit more. I mean, cripe, I can get a ticket to the discount movie theater for that. I could have gone and see the last Hobbit flick. But I did enjoy it. We sat through two mini movies, which would have been better if some of the equipment wasn’t broken. They had six…

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Bad Coffee

January 4 Wow, four days into the new year already. I was reminded recently of a saying that I used to wear as a patch on my jacket. It said, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. I loved that idea, even as a fifth grader. The idea that you can just start over every morning. Wow. That is cool. So, today is Sunday. I had planned on sleeping in, staying…

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RV States Map

camping map of states

I picked up this map from a Camping World store that we happened onto. I was hoping that it would subtly help persuade my husband to stay on the road more than the six months we had planned. I’m not sure if it had any influence, but it has now been over eight years since we first started out. The map we bought is starting to peel away on the edges of the states, so…

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Tlaquepaque Shopping, Sedona


Tlaquepaque is a wonderful little shopping area in the heart of Sedona, Arizona. We make sure we visit every time we come to Sedona. Tlaquepaque translates as “The Best of Everything” and it is modeled after a tradtional Mexican village. It was originally built to be an artist’s community, and you can still find artists working their craft in their shops. We love the architecture of the place – you’ll find that the buildings were…

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Page Springs Resort

campground water fountain

We found Page Springs Resort through the Coast to Coast network. The park is part of Sunrise Resorts, which comprises 12 resorts in the Western region of the country. Our Thousand Trails membership that we purchased had not cleared through the transfer department yet and we needed a place to stay near Sedona, Arizona. The park is located between Sedona and Cottonwood, which is nice. We were a little confused when we got to the…

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Camping With Baby

ella in travel crib

Traveling with a baby is definitely possible, but it does pose some challenges. There is just not enough room in most campers to handle all the typical baby paraphernalia, such as a crib, changing table, rocker, high chair, rocker, etc. However, with a little bit of effort, you can certainly overcome these small issues. Where Does Baby Sleep? All of our babies slept with Mom until they were at least a year old, sometimes older….

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Sedona Red Rocks


Driving into Sedona, Arizona from Cottonwood, you can see the beautiful red rocks that grace this area. It is truly a beautiful and spiritual place. You can’t help but to relax when surrounded by these deeply colored rocks. We have been to Sedona several times, and we always look forward to coming to the area.

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Jayco Eagle 325BH Fifth Wheel Camper

jayco eagle 325BH camper

When we were shopping for a camper, I loved seeing pictures of the inside of rigs. Ones that actually had people living in them. To tell the truth, I still do. I am always seeking out new sources of inspiration. After all, this is our home and I want it to be a nice place to live. So, I have tried to find some pictures of the RV, soon after we bought it and before…

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