Camping With Baby

Traveling with a baby is definitely possible, but it does pose some challenges.

There is just not enough room in most campers to handle all the typical baby paraphernalia, such as a crib, changing table, rocker, high chair, rocker, etc. However, with a little bit of effort, you can certainly overcome these small issues.

ella in travel crib

Ella in her travel crib

Where Does Baby Sleep?

All of our babies slept with Mom until they were at least a year old, sometimes older. So our 9 month slept with me in the queen bed up front and Phil slept on the fold down couch. Sometimes, if she was fussy, she and I slept on the couch and Phil slept up in the bed. It was quite the flexible arrangement.

One piece of equipment that was worth its weight in gold was a three quarter size porti-crib for the living room.

A full size one was way too big for the small space, so I hunted all over to find this one. I had to order it online at Amazon, as no stores carried it in stock.

This one is about 20% smaller than most play yards, making it perfect for our RV. As you can see in the photo above, it fit quite nicely, right in front of the TV and the couch, so Ella could play or sleep in there, close to all of us.

It was especially nice when I had to cook as it kept her from being underfoot, yet she was right there with me.

Where Does Baby Eat?

baby eating in camper
We had absolutely no room for a high chair, so we looked around and found this wonderful little chair that hooked right onto the dining room table.

It was lightweight and it allowed Ella to sit right at the table with us, which she really enjoyed.

Now it comes in all kinds of great colors, like purple, green and red.

Keeping Baby Contained In A Camper

baby gate in rvWe used two baby gates in our RV. The first on was a cheap, expanding one that we put in the hallway behind the bathroom. That keep the little one from wandering back to the kid’s bunks and getting into their stuff.

The most important one was the one in the front that kept her from going down the stairs to the door or up the stairs to our bedroom. We needed a gate that swung both ways and was really easy to use, since we were in and out of that space constantly. We invested in one similar to this one and it was definitely worth the extra expense.

Walking With Baby

baby strollerWe brought two strollers. The first was a cheap little umbrella stroller, which was lightweight and easy to bring along for short walks.

The second was our two seater Burley, which we’ve had since the big kids were small. The Burley was great for longer hikes, because it allowed for a greater length stride.

Since both Phil and I are fairly tall, this made a big difference. Whenever I pushed the umbrella stroller, I felt like I had a mincing walk, so I didn’t step on the darn stroller wheels.

The Burley could also be hooked up to our bikes, so we could all take bike rides.

And a surprise feature was that the laundry basket fit perfectly in it, which allowed an easy walk over to the laundry facilities of whatever campground we were at.

We ended up keeping the Burley for about 15 years, until the material finally rotted away. It was a fantastic investment and I strongly recommend the brand.

Carrying Baby

walking with baby

Walking in the Biosphere

We also used this nice little baby carrier, which Phil wore every once in a while.

It was really handy when we went places a stroller could not go, such as down into cave tours or when we toured the Biosphere, pictured here.

The main problem with this type of setup is that occasionally, Ella would bang her head on his chest or kick with her feet, which could both hurt.

These are all items we have found useful living in a camper with a 9 month old child. Camping with babies can be tough at times, but it is worth every moment.

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