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Okay! Hello! So, I believe we left off at big brothers. Well, we got our truck fixed, and we took off with rather non-awkward farewells and promises to see each other in the summer. From there, we drove up to Chattanooga TN to see Uncle Spike! Actually, he is our first cousin twice removed, but it is easier to call him Uncle Spike. He showed us his two beautiful houses, and told us many a wonderful story about our ancestry. After a day or two, we left. Now, we are in Ashville, North Carolina. The since this place is all mountains and gorges, the little campsite we are in is…less then roomy. I’m not quite sure if we will be able to turn around, jackknife around the corner then heave the camper up the giant hill to get out of here. The reason we are here is not so simple. We are going to stay on this mountain with some new friends and help out on their farm/garden/healing land. They have yurts and yomes and all sorts of interesting things, including chickens. But it will be even more interesting trying to get up there. The road to get there is…narrow. Gravel. Curvy. Steep. Everything you don’t want to pull a trailer on. So that will be a…interesting…ride. If we make it up alive, I’ll be sure to write again and tell you how it went.



We made it up alive! Oh man, it was a little……..okay, it was scary going up a hill that grade in a trailer. But anyway, see you later.




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