Bad Coffee

January 4

Wow, four days into the new year already. I was reminded recently of a saying that I used to wear as a patch on my jacket. It said, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. I loved that idea, even as a fifth grader. The idea that you can just start over every morning. Wow. That is cool.

So, today is Sunday. I had planned on sleeping in, staying in my jammies, not doing anything til noon. I started this long standing tradition last Sunday.

Normally, hubby and I shop Sunday mornings because it is usually very quiet in the grocery stores. Until a bit after noon, that is, when everyone and their sister gets out of church and flocks to the store. Sunday morning – good. Sunday afternoon – bad, very bad.

But last Sunday, I just wasn’t up to shopping and we had enough food to tide us over a day or so. So I lounged around, consciously not thinking about work or anything much. I just stopped. And it was awesome. I vowed to make every Sunday morning my block of time to just rest and goof off and feel completely okay about it. My plan was to sleep in, get extra rest.

Well, it’s 6:23 am. The sleeping in part definitely did not happen today. I had forgotten the alarm on my phone was still set for 6 am. The kids have taken over my phone so they can watch YouTube videos on it, and they stay up way later than I do, so the phone was in the living room, rather than next to my bed. It still woke me up since the living room is maybe 15 feet from my head. Stupid thing. I wandered downstairs, shut it off and stumbled to the bathroom.

Heading back to bed, I realized that I was pretty awake and I could make my morning of leisure and relaxation last a lot longer if I stayed up. So, here I am, awake and writing my nonsense shit pages of 500 words at 6:30 in the morning.

The beverage of the hour is steaming French Vanilla tea with Splenda and coconut milk (the nasty boxed refrigerator kind, not the yummy canned stuff.) It is not nearly as good as coffee, but our coffee at the moment sucks wind. As in, it is really bad. We usually buy a 12 ounce bag or two each week. We get the five to seven dollar range stuff, since we go through it so quickly. We dump them in the coffee can without regard to the purity of their flavors.

So, I don’t have a clue which brand of coffee I am objecting to, since hubby neglected to look at the bag when he added it to the can. He has recently cut way down on his coffee consumption, from two pots to two cups, so that pile of grounds is just not going away fast enough. It just tastes bitter. I am in no way a coffee connoisseur, but if even I can’t stomach it, doctored up the way I do with cream, sweetener, maybe some cinnamon, maybe some grass fed butter; it must be really bad stuff.

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