Back Home Again… Finally

So yes, here I sit in the trailer in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard writing this post.

You know, a funny thing happens when you cross the Michigan border. The trees change into Michigan trees, the water turns into Michigan water, and the roads turn into Michigan roads. (Bumpbumpbumpbump) Mmm… Smell that Michigan air! It’s as cold as heck here, and I’m loving it. We’ve had nothing but accursed fair weather the moment we left on this trip. It’s refreshing to get some frigidness back. Of course the heater is acting up though, so it’s old ALL the time. What’s that? Just go into Grandma’s house where it’s warm? …Quiet you! I’ll suffer if I want to suffer!

Anyways, we’re going to a wedding today. It should be fun, but I don’t get any cake, which is bad. Curse you allergies! Why must I inherit all the family curses? Ahem. It will be happening at 6:00… What else is there to say?

And yes, I am excited to get back home. Stop asking. Please.

Mom will get angry if I don’t post more. What else is there…

Well, I want to get a degree in English Composition, So I’ve been trying to write and whatnot. I also want to understand time dilation, so I’ve started up math again. What’s time dilation? The degree to which time is changed due to velocity or gravity… Hmm. So if gravity can change time, what about the other three forces? Can electromagnetism do it? Maybe, maybe not. I really have no idea. I want to find out though.

So that’s about it for my education at the moment. Oh yes, I also am taking a medical course thing about lifelong health, but that’s just a side thing.

I’ll probably write another post when we get home.


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  1. It seems that a large portion of full timers are from Michigan (my babies’ mama being one of them!). We had some of our best traveling times up in the UP, and our random occasional returns to Detroit and the thumb have always left me feeling like MI and my home state of Pennsylvania are kindred states…both “suffering” from not being the economic powerhouses they used to be, but still home to the proudest working class people I’ve met. Enjoy your time at home, it should be warming up there by now, right?

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