Am I an Artist?

art supplies

Why is it so hard to label myself as an artist? I want to be an artist. I certainly have the paraphernalia of one. I paint. I have sold my artwork.  But saying I am an artist is exceedingly difficult to say out loud. It seems odd, but I don’t think it is that unusual.  I think in part it is that I am still a beginner in this endeavor, but it is also more…

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Organ Stop Pizza: A Most Unusual Meal

One of the most unusual meals I have encountered thus far in our travels was dinner at the Organ Stop Pizza restaurant in Mesa, Arizona. While the actual food was simply pizza and salad, the entertainment made this stop quite memorable. The Organ Stop Pizza experience features an enormous theatre pipe organ known as the “Mighty Wurlitzer.” This type of organ was created to take the place of the expensive pit orchestras and pianists that…

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Work in progress

  I am pleased with how she is coming along. Not quite sure what color her dress will be. I first thought a turquoise blue but I think that would blend in too much with the background.  This image is much greener than the original. Maybe a color that will pop against the background. What do you think?  I have not painted in a while. It feels so good. Soothes my agitated soul. 

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Digital Clutter 1: Ten Minute Tips to a Simpler Life

digital clutter

Digital clutter is almost as bad as physical clutter. It seems harmless because it doesn’t take up physical space, yet it still takes up mental energy and space. Take a look at your e-mail program. How many e-mails are waiting for your attention in your “In Box?” I am embarrassed to say that I have 924. Every time I check my email, those unread e-mails suck just a little of my energy. They add to…

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Forgetting to Create

I haven’t done squat creatively for weeks. And the last couple of weeks I have felt really off. Of course, we had a few things going on: Move from Cheyenne, Wyoming to St. Vrain State Park, Colorado. Phil flew to Michigan to take care of some things and bring back the van. The day after he drove 1,200 miles back to Colorado, we hit the road to drive 892 miles down to Cottonwood, Arizona, boondocking…

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Sharing My Art Is Scary

yart show

I woke up in the middle of the night last week feeling sick. I was dreaming about the YART sale coming up the following week and my stomach literally hurt at the thought of sharing my art with people I don’t know. I am an adult. I don’t like not being good at whatever I do. This art thing has pushed just about every button I have. Because I am once again a beginner. There…

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New Projects

Painting this evening. This is a background for something. Not sure what yet.     I think this one may be done.  I’ll let it sit a few days to see if it is truly done.   

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Helene Neville – Part Two

See Part One After the interview at Ocean Beach Roasters, Helene invited Jema and I to tag along with her for the afternoon. We followed her car – which sports signatures from people all over the United States – to a beautiful neighborhood overlooking the water. (Jema and I had to sign the car too – of course.) There we met Mayoral Candidate Susan Conniry, who had invited Helene out for a neighborhood gathering. The…

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One On The Run – Helene Neville – Part One

I met Helene Neville in Ocean Shores when she dropped by to have coffee and an interview with Jema Anderson, which you can find here. This petite powerhouse ran around the entire perimeter of the United States. Her final leg ended up in Ocean Shores, much to our delight. You can find her website here. Due to Jema’s connection, my family was invited to a barbecue celebrating Helene’s achievement. Between a burger, bonfire and karaoke,…

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