Are We In The Right Town?

I opened my eyes at about 8 am. Well, it was better than yesterday, but still an hour later than I had wanted to get up. I wondered why Phil hadn’t woken me and realized he was still sleeping too. Late morning for both of us.

Had hazelnut coffee while going over the grocery list I made last night.

I realized that I would not be home in time to make dinner, so Phil agreed to make chili using a recipe from a cookbook I am going to review: Make It Paleo.


Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

While Phil was shopping, I took the dogs for their walk and made a breakfast smoothie. This morning it featured frozen blueberries and a fresh, ripe banana.

It also had a bit of juice, lots of water, power greens and frozen mixed fruit.

The blueberries don’t make the smoothie blue, they make it a muddy, brownish-red color. I was a bit grossed out the first time I made one, but boy, did it taste good! They don’t taste anything like they look – mine are always sweet and fruity.

On To Class

The two big kids and I were registered for a noon encaustic painting class in Asheville. I drank the second smoothie right before we left, about 11:00. We jumped in the truck and I entered the address into the GPS. It did not find the street.

Hmm. I tried again. Nope. Tried my Iphone. Not there either. This was not good. I dinked around for 15 minutes, before giving up and just heading out.

Now we were running late and I was a bit stressed. I really don’t like being late anymore. I used to always be late, as I’d rather have someone wait for me than the other way around. Now, I feel more like I am not honoring my commitment to be somewhere at a certain time, and that is not a good feeling. So, I always try to be on time.

It was a 35 minute drive in, and when we got closer, I had M put the post office into the GPS. Just figured if I could get into town, we could call for directions. So, we got into town, with the tiny little streets, in my big red, dually truck. Not fun. I finally found a place to park and called for directions.

Where Are You?

I was sitting right across from the courthouse, but the lady on the phone had no idea where I was. I finally asked, “You are in Asheville, right?” and she replied, “No, we are in Spruce Pine.” What? We are in the wrong town? The newspaper ad for the class was in the midst Asheville art activities. What the heck?

When I asked how far she was from Asheville, she said 40 minutes. My heart dropped. After explaining that we would not be able to make it and apologizing, I hung up and in silence for a moment. Jeesh, how the heck did that just happen? I was really miffed. It seems every time I try to get to an encaustic class, something comes up. Crap.

The kids piped up with “Well, since we aren’t spending $130 on class, let’s go see Ender’s Game!” As you can tell, they were sorely disappointed in missing the class.



None of us really felt like walking around downtown – I was a still uneasy driving that big, honking truck in town, so we plugged in a health food store and went to Earth Fare Groceries. I needed coconut aminoes (similar to soy sauce) for some recipes from the cookbook and wasn’t sure I could find it in Waynesville.

Normally, I LOVE walking around stores like that and Whole Foods. Everything looks so yummy. But we all decided it was not near as much fun when you can’t eat any of it!

(Although I did score a bar of Chuao Firecracker Chocolate for later. Really, who could resist “sultry sea salt, smoky chipotle, and popping candy exploding in dark chocolate”?)

We also happened on a large selection of Kumbucha. Whoohoo! They had my favorite – Synergy Grape Chia, which I sipped all the way home. Yummy. M got one with blueberries and ginger. Yike! All I can say about it, is that you can’t drink it very fast. It was very strong.

I also found some Red Palm Oil, which I need for a recipe, but have never used, and some red chia tea as well as some Earl Grey for M-girl. Then, we headed home.


We got home about one-ish and I made a nice large salad with romaine and the rest of the salad toppings I had chopped up a few days ago. Dressing was balsamic vinegar, honey, red crushed pepper, salt and pepper.

After eating on the salad a while, I came to the conclusion that the dressing just sucked. A drizzle of honey mustard dressing helped tremendously.

I need to spend some time on my dressings. I used to make them all the time, but I always used olive oil as a base and that won’t work now. I want fat free. Sigh. More research, coming up.

I’m not sure why, but I was a bit gassy after the salad, and was a little uncomfortable.


Not So Paleo Chili

Not So Paleo Chili

I made another smoothie batch around 4 with the normal ingredients and sipped on a jar while fussing with Phil’s paleo chili.

Well, it was paleo, til I added some sugar and red beans. Oh well, sometimes you gotta do what tastes good.

Took M-girl, Phil and the doggies for a 15 min walk in the evening.

Plan For Tomorrow

More of the same. Well, for food and exercise, anyway. The front of my ankles are a bit sore from the newness of walking, but nothing I can’t handle.

I am feeling better, for the most part. I feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. I am ok taking my jacket off while walking, simply because I feel more confident. It is kind of weird. I don’t really look different – although I think my face is a bit less puffy. But I do feel better and a bit happier. Caught myself singing while washing baby girl’s hair.

So we will continue, and I will tuck that luscious chocolate bar away for another day.

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